The Ultimate WiseBarber Guide on How To Use Beard Oil

Every beard has a story.

But believe me when I say this:

No matter how unique yours is, there’s one proven technique on how to use beard oil to get what you want.


Whether you have a super-thick mane, a fluffy soft one, or one growing patchy, the procedure discussed below should work perfectly.

In this guide, you will also get:

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about beard oil application
  • Smart tips to avoid the 4 trickiest beard washing mistakes before oiling.

Cool, right? So…

How To Apply Beard Oil For Fuller, Tamed, Moisturized, and Texturized Beard Hair

Let’s get started:

  1. Wash off the hair-dirt and rinse with warm water to soften the beard for easy oil absorption. Note that water interferes with beard oil absorption, so make sure you dry out the beard with a towel after rinsing.
  2. Using a dropper, take 2 drops of beard oil (for 1-2inches beard) or 3-4 drops (for longer beard). Also note that using too much oil won’t affect the overall results, you’ll just end up wasting your beard care product.
  3. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the oil. Then, apply the oil to your beard hair from the roots, outward.

See how easy that was?

Now, for a practical demonstration on how to apply beard oil, see Dan C’s beginner’s video guide below.

But wait:

There’s more…

Here’s a quick infographic showing exactly how much beard oil to use depending on the beard’s age.

How Long Have You Been Growing Your Beard?What’s The Oil Quantity To Apply?
10-12 months5-10 drops
6-9 months4-6 drops
3-5 months3-5 drops
1-2 months1-3 drops

Now, as promised:

4 Trickiest Beard Washing Mistakes Before Oiling And How To Avoid Them

Washing With The Wrong Cleansing Solution


Most bathing bar soaps and hair shampoos contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to men with sensitive facial skin. So, they are a no-no

Instead, go for specially manufactured beard and face wash products.

Need a recommendation?

Well, Nivea Men Deep Cleansing Beard and Face Wash removes grime and grit without altering your beard’s PH level.

Wrong Timing


Always apply your beard oil immediately after washing

This is when your beard is softest and the oil can lock in deeper to do its job. And, obviously, that translates to better results.

Using The Wrong Water Temperature


Coldwater won’t open your pores to receive the oil. Water that’s too hot will expose your skin to infection

So, yes…

When learning how to apply beard oil, it’s important to know what water temperature to use and how.

My advice – use lukewarm water.

Scrubbing When You Shouldn’t


The best way to dry your beard hair after washing it is to gently pat-dry with a towel


When you scrub hard, you strip your skin of its protective layer of protein and fatty acid. And that’s exposure to irritation.

Get it?

That said:

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Using Beard Oil?

Prevents Facial Hair Folliculitis


Folliculitis is hair follicle inflammation caused by fungi and bacteria

But not all beard oils have the power to prevent this. Advisably, you should go for those with anti-microbial properties; like the coconut beard oils.

Once applied:

The antimicrobial agents present in the oil help to detoxify and kill the inflammation-causing microorganisms. Afterward, the oil itself forms a protective layer against new, harmful fungi/bacteria.

Serves As A Beard Softening Product

Get this:

Some beard oils contain monounsaturated/saturated fats. These fats easily absorb into beard hair strandsstrengthen their moisture barrier, and thus, soften it. 

So, if you’re looking to soften stubborn, thick hair, go for oils with high saturated fat content.

Adds Moisture While Preventing Flakiness

The regular application of beard oil moisturizes the skin underneath the whisker; thus, offering protection against dryness, dead skin, and flakiness

Even better, oil forms a protective layer over the skin to prevent water loss.

Keeps Your Beard Smelling Nice


All you have to do is pick a beard oil with a healthy non-choking fragrance. Also, beware of nicely-scented beard oils out there that contain harmful agents.

Beard Oil Reduces The Chances Of Itchiness


If you suffer from dry and flaky beard itch, applying beard oil is often the best remedy. How?

Beard oil usually forms a protective layer over the skin to lock in moisturemaintain skin softness, and ultimately, reduce the risks of itchiness.

This helps you to keep your beard looking nice and healthy.



So, you see:

Applying beard oil is not rocket science. In fact, getting results with it is all about keeping it simple. Follow my guide above, get it done, and give me feedback in the comments below.

Your barber friend. Mike.


Frequently Asked Questions

As long as the grease doesn’t bother you, leave an applied beard oil to seep in overnight. You’ll wake up to glowing facial skin and a softer beard.
Yes, there’s a limit to everything. Going overboard with these oils can clog your skin pores, causing skin irritation.
Use 2-3 drops for a short beard and 3-5 drops on longer hair strands.
There’s no SPECIAL way around this. Just wash your beard hair with warm water because oil loosens faster at high temperatures.

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