Manscaped 4.0 Light Blinking 3 Times - How To Fix


Manscaped's mission with the Lawn Mower 4.0 Trimmer was clear: incorporate some of the highly requested features and outclass the competition.

And they did!

For instance, the travel lock, the multi-function on/off switch, and the tri-level charging/power indicator system features made their debut in the Lawn Mower 4.0.

However, with innovation often comes complexity. That’s why some users struggle to decipher the nuances of certain features, such as the tri-level power indicator.

This article addresses a common question among users - "Why is my Lawn Mower 4.0 light blinking 3 times?"

Let’s get into it.


1. Travel Lock is On - The Feature That Turned into a Troublemaker

Here is the thing:

The travel lock is one of the nicest upgrades to the Lawn Mower 4.0 Trimmer.


This feature prevents the trimmer from powering on, for instance, when it's packed for travel.


When the travel lock is on and you press the power button, the trimmer will display a sequence of three lights ascending but won’t start.

How do I activate and deactivate the travel lock?


The travel lock can only be activated when the trimmer is switched off. So, press the power button once to power it off.


Press the power button three times quickly. Check, and you will notice all three indicator lights will blink, moving upward as the feature is activated.

To deactivate the travel lock, do the same thing. Quickly press the power button three times.

You will then notice the three lights start blinking, moving downwards, as the feature is deactivated.

Pro Tip:

The trick here is to observe the direction of the blinking lights.

Is the design of the travel lock flawed?


While the travel lock was designed with the best intentions, the feature seems to have become somewhat of a double-edged sword.


Every other day, I come across users who inadvertently engage the travel lock, rendering the trimmer inoperable.

For instance, this user on Reddit did not use his trimmer for three weeks since he could not power it on.

Yet it was the travel lock.

Another user left a comment on a YouTube video saying that they had already sent back their trimmer.

Other users said they thought their trimmer had died on them, while another one on Twitter did not know about this feature.

So, whose fault is it?

When you look at this feature on trimmers from other brands, it's mostly designed the same. You activate it by pressing the power button a couple of times.

However, some brands, such as Wahl, are starting to design it differently, such as the Wahl Clipper Rechargeable Beard and Facial Hair Trimmer.


Manscaped probably did what everyone is doing.

However, I wish the feature could be redesigned for the next Lawn Mower. It's very easy to unknowingly activate the lock.

Also, the user guide doesn’t cover this feature in detail.

Pro Tip:

Pressing the device's power button for 3 seconds when the trimmer is on turns the spotlight ON and OFF.

2. The Trimmer is Charging


Another instance when the lights on the Lawn Mower 4.0 will blink three times is when it's plugged to the charger.

However, not always.


Unlike the Lawn Mower 2.0 and 3.0, which had a single LED indicator on the front, the Lawn Mower has three light indicators.

However, comprehending the charging light indicators can prove challenging.

Fully chargedAll the LEDs should be steady
Charging1, 2, or 3 LEDs will be pulsing depending on the charging level
Charge running out

The number of solid LEDs represents the remaining charge.

Each LED light represents a 33% charge.

Battery has diedIf all three LEDs have died, the battery charge is depleted.

From the table above, the number of blinking lights during charging indicates the level of battery charge.

Since each LED light represents 33% charge, one LED blinking means the trimmer has less than 33% charge.

1 LED pulsing during chargingLess than 33% charge
2 LEDs pulsing during chargingBetween 34 and 66% charge
3 LEDs pulsing during charging67% and 99% charge
3 LEDs are steadyFully charged
2 LEDs steady33% - 66% of the charge remaining
1 LED steadyLess than 33% of the charge remaining.
3 LEDs are all deadThe battery is completely drained


Unlike the Lawn Mower 3.0, whose light flashes red when the battery is about to die, there is no flashing indicator on the Manscaped Trimmer 4.0.

Instead, you rely on the indicators. If one LED light is steady, it means it's time to charge.


The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 stands out with a range of distinctive features, including the handy travel lock.

This clever addition is specifically designed to prevent accidental activation during transit.

However, this very feature has evolved into an unexpected nuisance for some users.

If your Manscaped Lawn Mower light is blinking 3 times in the upward direction, it means the travel lock is activated and you cannot power on the trimmer.

Simply press the power button three times in quick succession. The LED lights should blink, moving downward.

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