6 Reasons Your Manscaped Trimmer Won't Turn On

Imagine a warrior brandishing his sword, ready for battle. The battlefield is dense, and it's about to go down.

However, as he raises his sword, it disintegrates! That’s you, holding your Manscaped trimmer in your bathroom and finding it won’t turn on.

But what do you do? Admit defeat and buy a new one? Absolutely not!

This post delves into the possible causes and solutions for a Manscaped trimmer that won’t turn on.

Let’s get your wingman back to action.


Why Is My Manscaped Trimmer Not Turning On?

If your Manscaped Lawn Mower is not turning on, it may be because the travel lock is engaged. Other possible reasons include a drained or dead battery, power button issues, build-up of hair or debris, water damage, or internal circuitry issues.

Now, let's delve into each of the causes in detail and the fix for each.

This post combines my first-hand experience with valuable insights from my trusted barber friends and clients who rely on Manscaped trimmers for their grooming needs.

I also sourced insights from customer reviews on e-commerce sites and barber communities on Reddit. 

6 Reasons Your Manscaped Trimmer Won't Turn On

1. Travel Lock is Activated



Here is the thing:

The travel lock is one of the nicest upgrades to the Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer.

This feature prevents accidental powering while you are traveling, which could otherwise drain the battery charge before you arrive.

It is activated or deactivated by quickly pressing the start button three times while the trimmer is off.


Some users unknowingly activate the lock, which locks the trimmer inactive until the feature is deactivated.

Based on different Reddit posts, this scenario is common among users who have upgraded from the Lawnmower 2.0 and 3.0 models, as these previous versions lacked this feature.

Identification and Solution:


The easiest way to verify if the travel lock is activated is by following the activation and deactivation processes.

That is:

Press the power button three times consecutively when the trimmer is off, and observe the LED indicators.

The LED power indicator will illuminate upward when activating the travel lock and downward when deactivating it.


The travel lock feature is not found on

  • Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0 and 3.0 trimmer
  • Manscaped Hedger Beard Trimmer
  • Manscaped Weed Whacker 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0

2. The Battery Is Drained

Manscaped The Battery Is Drained


Sometimes, the reason your Manscaped trimmer won’t turn on is simply because the battery is completely drained.

And when the juice runs out, the trimmer cannot power on.


If the trimmer has been charging but remains stubbornly unresponsive. There are two possibilities;


The charging cable or charging dock is faulty, and hence the trimmer was not charging. To know if this is the case, plug the trimmer back in and confirm if it’s charging.

Secondly, the battery is dead and cannot store charge.

Identification and Solution:

After talking to several of my clients who have a Manscaped trimmer at home, most of them did not know the charging indicators of their trimmer.

Here is the thing:

The different Manscaped trimmers use different indicators when charging is in progress, when the charge is full, and when the charge is running out. 


Here is how to tell if your Manscaped Lawn Mower battery is dead and when it's charging:

TrimmerCharging timeIndicator
The Lawn Mower 4.05 hours
  • 3 LEDs; each LED light represents 33% charge.
  • When fully charged, it has three steady lights.
  • Two steady LEDs mean it has about 66% charge.
  • If all the LEDs have died, the battery is dead.
  • If all three lights are flashing when it's charging, it means it just started charging.
The Lawn Mower 3.02 hours
  • The LED indicator should flash when charging.
  • The indicator stays lit when fully charged.
  • If the LED is flashing during operation, it means the charge is running out
The Lawn Mower 2.05-8 hours
  • Red flash when charging.
  • Green LED light when fully charged.
  • A red indicator means the charge is running out.

3. Battery is Bad



Another reason a Manscaped trimmer won’t start is if the battery is damaged.

In such a case, the battery can’t be recharged even if you plug it into power.

Identification and Solution:

The easiest way to tell if the battery is faulty is to plug the trimmer in and observe the LEDs to ascertain if they indicate the charging process.


If the LEDs indicate the trimmer is charging, leave it for up to one hour to charge and then try to power it on.

If it's not turning on, there could be a battery problem.

The next thing to do is locate the lithium-ion battery and inspect it for signs of damage, such as swelling and rusting.

Also, check for corroded contacts and if any of the wires to and from the battery are damaged.

But what could damage a trimmer’s battery?


I have seen numerous cases where water has found its way inside Manscaped trimmers.

Other causes of battery damage include exposure to extreme temperatures, dropping the trimmer, and extended usage.


Manscaped does not sell replacement batteries for its trimmers.

If your trimmer is still covered by warranty, contact the company; they might ask you to send it back.

4. Trimmer is Dead or Damaged


Another possible reason why your Manscaped trimmer won’t turn is if it’s damaged or dead.

For instance:

Although the trimmers are marketed as waterproof, the casing tends to allow water inside.

For instance, this user on Reddit discovered that water had penetrated their trimmer. The battery terminals had rusted, and the control board was all wet. 

Identification and Solution:

Before opening the trimmer, give it a gentle shake to hear if there are sounds of moving parts within.

If you can hear some noise inside the body, one or more components, such as the charging pins, may have broken, which is common when the trimmer is dropped.


Every manscaped trimmer is also susceptible to mechanical failure. This can be due to overuse or improper maintenance.


Do a sniff test and evaluate if you can detect a burning smell. If there is, the common culprits are a short circuit on the control board, burning wires, and an overheating motor.

5. Power Button Issue

Manscaped Power Button Issue



If you don't hear or feel the familiar clicking sound when you press the power button, the button might have a problem.

For instance:

The button could be loose or misaligned and hence not be making contact with the switch that powers the trimmer.

Also, the button could be damaged due to normal wear and tear.


Check if there is an accumulation of dirt, such as hair, around the button that can cause it to get stuck and not press down properly.

Identification and Solution:

The first thing to do is press the button and assess the feel. If it doesn't have the familiar sound or if it feels loose, that is a sign it might have a problem.


Open the trimmer and inspect the button. If it's misaligned, position it well. If it's worn out, consider taking it to an electronics repair shop.

If there is debris or dirt, clean around the button with a soft brush or compressed air.

6. The Trimmer Might Be Jammed


Another culprit for a manscaped trimmer that won’t turn on is the accumulation of hair and debris around the blades or motor.


When there is hair and debris caught between the blades, it may be difficult or impossible for the blades to move when you turn the trimmer on.

Identification and Solution:


Was the trimmer struggling, making unusual noises, or getting unusually hot the last time you used it?

If yes, that could mean the trimmer is jammed.


Check if you can see hair and debris stuck in or around the blades or trimmer head. If there is, clean the head using a brush, and finally, oil the blades.

Most Affected Models

Manscaped offers a range of grooming products, and none are exempt from the occasional no-starting issue. Fortunately, this guide covers troubleshooting steps for every trimmer within the brand's lineup, ensuring assistance for all

  • The Lawn Mower 2.0
  • The Lawn Mower  3.0
  • The Lawn Mower 4.0
  • The Beard Hedger
  • Weed Whacker
  • Weed Whacker 2.0

In Conclusion

There are various causes that can keep your Manscaped trimmer from powering on, with the travel lock feature often being the major culprit. If that is the case, quickly press the power button three times to deactivate it.

Other common causes include a drained or bad battery, the buildup of hair and debris around the blade, or a faulty power button. Sometimes, the trimmer might be damaged.

However, if your trimmer still doesn't power up despite your best troubleshooting efforts, reach out to Manscaped's customer support or take it to an electronics repair shop.

We value your thoughts and inquiries! Feel free to share your questions or comments in the section below.

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mine was in travel mode... had no idea. thank you.

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