Reuzel Blue Pomade

94.5 %

Reuzel Blue Pomade

94.5 %

Reuzel Blue Pomade is a water-soluble, high shine and high hold pomade for maximum control on curly, thick, or soft hair. It gives you the traditional look you’ve always wanted without flaking.

  • Water-soluble
  • High shine and high hold
  • Warm vanilla wood fragrance

Maintain any hairstyle throughout the day with the Reuzel Blue Pomade. Whether you desire a pompadour, a brushed, laid-back style, or the latest quiffs, Reuzel Blue Pomade works its magic.

The water-soluble formula packs a high hold, yet it washes out easily like a gel without leaving annoying build-up. Unlike other pomades, it maintains control yet keeps hair pliable throughout the day. The pomade has a subtle masculine warm vanilla wood fragrance that smells great.




Water-soluble pomade


Warm, vanilla wood



Hair Type

All Hair Types


1.3 oz, 4 oz, 12 oz



Best For

Short to medium-length hair

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