Reuzel Fiber Pomade

95.8 %

Reuzel Fiber Pomade

95.8 %

The Reuzel Fiber Pomade is what you need if you are looking for firm hold pomade that works on all types of hair.  It works best on short medium to thick hair to provide a firm hold that won’t melt in summer’s heat.

  • Low shine
  • Firm, pliable hold
  • Water Soluble

Reuzel Fiber Pomade is a water-based pomade that provides a matte finish while taming thick and coarse hair. It dries into a pliable hold that’s easy to rework throughout the day. This pomade works well for natural looks that need additional texture and definition.

Don’t need hair that shines from a mile away? Reuzel Fiber Pomade has a low shine finish. When you apply it to slightly damp hair, it adds a bit of shine, yet you can run your fingers or comb through. Whether you sport the executive contour or the razor-faded pompadour, no pomade beats the Reuzel Fiber Pomade.






Subtle Vanilla Mint



Hair Type

All hair types - medium to thick


1.3oz, 4 oz, 12 oz



Best For

Razor-faded pompadours, Long trim pompadours, & the Executive contour

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