Van Dyke Beard Style

Classic Van Dyke
Long Van Dyke Goatee
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Van Dyke with Balbo
Van Dyke Stubble Facial Hair
Van Dyke with Upturned Mustache

Van Dyke Beard Style

Van Dyke beard is a beard style named after Anthony Van Dyck, a 17th-century Flemish painter. This style is a combination of a mustache and goatee; with all hair on the cheeks shaved clean.


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Ideal Face Shape: Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangle

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Ideal Beard Type: Full, long beard, Scanty beard

Styling Tips

  • Use a fixed-length guide comb when trimming.
  • Even out your beard hair length with your trimmer before shaving.
  • Shave with light and gentle strokes for a close shave on the cheeks.

What is a Van Dyke Beard?

Get this:

The traditional Van Dyke beard style is characterized by the volume in the mustache and chin area

Generally, the mustache is grown downwards to form a border around the mouth or groomed with an upward curve. Then, the goatee is trimmed in a progressive, V-shaped manner

However, it is worth noting that the mustache and goatee remain disconnected.


The chin hair mostly looks pointed and gives off the impression of a more extended face type. That is why the Van Dyke Beard style best suits round-shaped faces.


This beard’s distinguishing feature is the utter bareness of the cheeks. That is, all the hair on both cheeks is shaved off completely.

That said:

Here are a few good variations of this facial hair style. 

A Quick Look at 6 Different Van Dyke Beard Styles

1. Classic Van Dyke



If you have a thing for original styles, then this one is right for you. However, this facial hair style is pretty dramatic

With it, the soul patch grows down into the goatee. And the mustache can be upturned or downturned


This beard style looks good on round or triangular faces as it elongates the face. However, men with oblong faces should go easy on the soul patch’s length.

2. Long Van Dyke Goatee


With this style:

The goatee is supposed to be long, not the soul patch. Moreover, the goatee is trimmed to resemble a V-shape with a pointy tip. 

This variation brings about an elongating effect on the face. Therefore, men with long face types should try out other Van Dyke styles; that do not add much length to the chin.

3. Van Dyke With a Full Mustache


Get this:

This Van Dyke beard style puts more focus on the mustache than any other part. Generally, the mustache is grown thick and full.

This style suits oblong faces best; especially, when the mustache is paired with a very subtle and short goatee.

4. Van Dyke With a Balbo



Most Van Dyke beard styles feature a soul patch

However, the soul patch is not always conspicuous as it simply blends in with the Van Dyke goatee.

With this style, the outline of the soul patch is properly defined as it connects with the goatee. And this gives this Van Dyke style variation a more detailed look.

5. Van Dyke With Stubble Facial Hair



The Van Dyke is characterized by bare cheeks; you can add stubble to switch things up. It gives the beard style a more rugged and modern look.

This style gives a more effective illusion of elongating the face. Hence, it would look good on men with chubby faces.

6. Van Dyke Beard With Upturned Mustache



You can style the Van Dyke mustache in an upturned, curled fashion to add more dramatic effects. Note, you can either curl up the mustache with a gel or wax to hold it in place


All in all:

The Van Dyke Beard works for most men

Moreover, it does not require full beard growth. So guys with scanty and disconnected beards have nothing to worry about

This style is versatile; you can always add your touch to it.


Don’t forget to share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below


Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, it is. Aside from being unique, Van Dyke beards are stylish and look good on most face shapes. All you have to do is ensure it is appropriately crafted to fit the shape of your face. And that the length of your beard hair strands is sufficient to support this impressive style.
More often than not, people mix up these two beard styles. However, the main difference is that a goatee only covers the chin while the Van Dyke beard features both a goatee and mustache.
It is named after the Italian fascist politician, Italo Balbo. This style’s distinctly separated beard and mustache are what distinguishes it from the rest. And unlike the Van Dyke beard, this beard extends towards the jaw on both sides with a small soul patch.

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