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Wahl 79434 Clipper Review: Should You Buy It?

Wahl 79434 Clipper

Wahl 79434 Clipper


87.5 %

Overall rating

  • Self-sharpening removable blades
  • Numerous accessories
  • Corded and Cordless capabilities
  • Flimsy guards
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7.8 / 10

Features and functionalities

8.5 / 10

Usability and handling

10 / 10


87.5 %

Overall rating

As a budget clipper, the Wahl 79434 comes with more than enough power, durable blades, and a complete haircutting kit that will make home haircuts a regular and pleasant affair.

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Product Specifications

Weight~ 1.9 lbs
Body MaterialPolymer
MotorHeavy Duty Motor
BladesStainless-steel Blade
Power source/BatteryNiMH Battery (1 Hour Runtime)
AccessoriesBlade Oil, Cleaning Brush, Blade Guard, 12 Attachment Combs, Barber Comb, Scissors, Styling Comb
Warranty5-Year Limited

Wahl 79434 Clipper Review: A Closer Look

Let me guess:

You are looking to make home haircuts a regular thing.

Well, if you are, you should give the Wahl 79434 hair clipper some consideration.


For starters, it’s a Wahl product, which means you are guaranteed the brand’s quality.

Next, this clipper is not only pocket friendly but also packs a lot of excellent capabilities.

For instance:

It has self-sharpening detachable blades and corded and cordless capabilities.

I know what you are thinking:

At such a low price, will this clipper rise to the occasion?

Well, read on to find out.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at its:

  • Features and Functionalities
  • Usability and Handling
  • Comparison with other clippers
  • Pros and cons
  • And lastly, my final verdict

Sound good?

Let’s dive in then.

Wahl 79434 Clipper Review: Features and Functionalities

We all know this:

Features are the main determiners of how and where one should use a clipper.

So, let’s look at the main features the Wahl 79434 clipper has to offer.

Heavy Duty Motor

What does this clipper have to offer in terms of output?

Well, under the hood, you’ll find the Wahl 79434 clipper fitted with a heavy duty rotary motor.

What does this mean for you?

For starters, you’ll be able to go through most hair types smoothly. This is due to the motor’s impeccable combination of speed and torque.

Next, the motor doesn’t overheat or vibrate as much. This, in turn, makes your cutting experience much more comfortable and easier – since this clipper won’t be wrestling in your hand.


As a tradeoff for its affordability, the Wahl 79434 will struggle on thicker hair types.


When it comes to the “blade game,” the Wahl 79434 features self-sharpening stainless steel blades.

What’s more, the blade is also detachable.

Cool right?

Now, Self-sharpening doesn’t mean you can skimp on blade maintenance – although it cuts down on it.

As a general rule, you’ll want to oil the blade after 4 – 5 haircuts to ensure peak performance.

What’s more, the blade’s removable nature makes its maintenance a lot easier.

And as you can imagine, this increases the longevity of the blade and clipper.


The blades are carbon-coated, thus ensuring extra toughness and durability.

What’s more?

These blades won’t snag, pull, or stall.


The only drawback is that this clipper lacks a taper lever, which means the blade isn’t adjustable. However, you’ll be getting a full set of Wahl guards, which makes this a minor drawback.

Reliable battery

So, what determines a clipper’s reliability?

You guessed it, Power.

Now, let’s look at this clipper’s runtime and downtime.

The Wahl model 79434 comes fitted with a rechargeable NiMH battery that serves up 60 minutes of continuous runtime.

The charge time for this clipper, on the other hand, is 12 hours.


You can use this clipper for both corded and cordless operation.

Convenient, right?


You will find that the battery uses older NiMH technology compared to more modern batteries that use Li-ion.

Nevertheless, this downside does not affect this clipper’s performance.

Other Cool Features

  • Flexibility: The Wahl 79434 clipper has an input of 100-240V, which means it should be useable worldwide. This feature makes it an ideal choice if you travel overseas a lot.
  • Housing: This clipper also features a plastic polymer housing with a chrome finish. This design makes it sturdy and extremely durable.
  • Great accessories: The 79434 clipper ships with numerous accessories and 12 attachment guards among them. These accessories will make your cutting experience much more pleasant.

So there you have it, the main features the Wahl 79434 hair clipper has to offer.

Now, let’s see how this clipper holds up in live-action.

Wahl 79434 Clipper Review: Usability and Handling

Here’s the thing:

A clipper can have all the best features in the market, but if it is complicated to use and a pain to handle, all those features are wasted.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at how the Wahl model 79434 handles.

This clipper features an ergonomic and balanced design for starters, which ensures it comfortably fits most hands.

Its design also ensures you get an excellent, sturdy grip while working – which is always a welcome addition.

What’s more, the 79434’s rigid plastic housing and chrome finish are not only durable but also elegant.

Moreover, this clipper comes fitted with a reliable NiMH battery that serves up 60 minutes of runtime.

Its flexibility means that you don’t have to worry about your working radius at all.

What’s more, you can also use the Wahl 79434 as a corded clipper.

How convenient is that?

And guess what, there’s more!

This clipper comes fitted with a heavy-duty motor that will tackle most hair types with ease.

Not to mention, the motor doesn’t overheat or vibrate as much, which – as you can guess – makes this clipper easy and comfy to use.

Another perk with the Wahl 79434 is this clipper’s self-sharpening removable blade.

These blades have two main benefits, which are:

  • They are straightforward to use and maintain
  • Made using durable stainless steel

Now, despite all the perks that come with the Wahl 79434, this clipper does have some shortcomings like:

The attachment guards are flimsy, for starters. Second, the motor will struggle with thicker hair types. Third, the blade isn’t adjustable and won’t perform more specific haircuts – like fades.

Lastly, this clipper’s battery uses older NiMH technology as opposed to Li-ion.

Next, some comparisons.

Wahl 79434 Clipper Review: Comparisons


To fully understand this clipper’s capabilities, we’ll need to compare it with other clippers in its niche.

So, let’s dive in.

Wahl 79434 vs. Wahl Color Pro

Wahl 79434

Wahl 79434 Clipper
  • Comes with a plastic polymer housing with a chrome finish
  • Doesn’t overheat as much
  • You can use it in both corded/cordless operations
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Wahl Color Pro

Wahl Color Pro Corded
  • Comes with a plastic polymer housing with a rubber finish
  • Has different colored guide combs
  • You can get either the corded/cordless cutter
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Wahl 79434 vs. Wahl Elite Pro

Wahl 79434

Wahl 79434 Clipper
  • Flimsy plastic combs
  • Removable blade
  • Has a more ergonomic design
  • You can use it in corded/cordless operations
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Wahl Elite Pro

Wahl Elite Pro Clipper
  • Strong steel combs
  • Fitted with a taper lever for easy blade adjustments
  • Robust motor
  • Corded clipper
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What’s in the Box?

wahl 79434 attachments

Before we go any further, let’s take a closer look at the accessories you’ll be getting with this product straight from the box.

  • A cordless clipper
  • Blade oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • Blade guard
  • Barber comb
  • Scissors
  • Ten clipper attachment guards (#1/2 to #8)
  • Left and right ear tapers
  • Hard storage case

In my opinion, this clipper is a total bargain. As you can see, you’ll be getting a complete haircutting kit ready to go – and most brands won’t be this generous.

Summary of Merits


This Wahl 79434 clipper review would not be complete with a quick overview of the pros and cons. So, here they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Up to 60 minutes of runtime
  • Equipped with stainless steel, self-sharpening blades
  • You can use it for corded/cordless operations
  • Fitted with a heavy-duty motor
  • Great accessories
  • Affordable
  • Flexible
  • Extremely reliable
  • Durable with an elegant chrome finish
  • Attachment guards are a bit flimsy
  • The battery uses older NiMH technology
  • Not a professional grade clipper

My Final Verdict


What’s not to like about this clipper?

Sure, it’s got some downsides, but the perks outweigh the downsides, right?


With its self-sharpening blades, robust motor, and ready-to-go haircutting kit, you’ll be able to take care of all your grooming needs hassle-free.

And the best part is that you can use this clipper in both cordless and corded operations.

Awesome right?

As such, choosing this clipper for home use is not only reasonable but also smart.


If you are a professional looking for a clipper to help with your busy schedule, then you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Well, that’s it for this Wahl 79434 clipper review.

I hope you found it helpful, and if you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

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