Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition

94.7 %

Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition

94.7 %

The Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition is a corded/cordless clipper from Wahl’s professional line-up of clippers. Fundamentally, it is a metal version of the plastic-housed Wahl Magic Clip Cordless clipper.

  • Sleek aluminum housing
  • LED indicator
  • Powerful rotary motor

At first glance, the Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition looks identical to the Wahl 100 Year Anniversary clipper. However, they differ in a few ways.

First, the Magic Clip Metal Edition features a plastic taper lever and toggle switch instead of the corresponding metal parts on the 100 Year Anniversary Clipper. Also, the magic clip cordless features high-precision stagger-tooth crunch blades superior to the blades on the latter. What they do have in common is their housing and LED battery status indicator.

The Metal Edition retains the ergonomic design and strong Lithium battery synonymous with the regular Magic Clip Cordless.





Body Material




Power Source / Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery (90+ minutes of runtime)


#2161 Stagger-tooth (With Crunch Technology)


3 guide combs(#1/2, #1, and #1½ ), a red blade guard, a recharging transformer, a styling comb, a cleaning cloth, a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, and an operating manual


1 Year

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