Andis Master Cordless

93.3 %

Andis Master Cordless

93.3 %

The Andis Master Cordless is the cordless version of the original corded Andis Master. The good part is it still retains most of the good qualities synonymous with its predecessor.

  • Corded/cordless capability
  • All-metal aluminum housing
  • Lithium-ion battery with a 90-minute runtime

Recognized as a top-notch clipper among its peers, the Andis Master Cordless has many features that birthed its reputation. By incorporating a rechargeable battery into its structure, the Andis Master Cordless overthrew its predecessor in terms of flexibility.

Now free from the reins of a cord, it features a Lithium-ion battery with 90 minutes of runtime on a 60-minute charge. For the stability of this wonderful machine, a charging stand is included in the clipper’s package.

In terms of ergonomics, it passes with flying colors, just like the corded Andis master. Also, a conveniently-placed taper lever at its side adjusts its carbon steel blades for seamless fading and tapering.





Body Material



Rotary (7200SPM)

Power Source / Battery

Lithium-Ion Battery (90-Minute Runtime)


Adjustable Carbon Steel (Size 000 to 1)


A blade guard, a charging adapter, a charging stand, lubricating oil, and operating instructions



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