Andis ProAlloy

85.8 %

Andis ProAlloy

85.8 %

The Andis ProAlloy is a corded clipper with a unique XTR (Extreme Thermal Reduction) technology. This innovative feature makes it perfect for professional barbers.

  • Adjustable taper lever
  • Duo-tone housing design
  • Powerful 7200spm magnetic motor

The Andis ProAlloy’s principal feature is undoubtedly its XTR technology. Hence, it runs not just cooler than many other Andis clippers but also quieter with fewer vibrations.

Thankfully, that feature does not compromise the power of the clipper’s motor, as it boasts a highly efficient magnetic motor. The motor runs at a high speed of 7200 cutting strokes per minute. Hence, it is capable of handling heavy-duty operations.

The clipper’s interior features are not the only impressive part, though. Its alloy housing gives it an alluring look with an ergonomic design for an improved grip and easy handling.






Magnetic (7200 spm)

Power Source / Battery

Power Cord


Adjustable Carbon-Coated Stainless-Steel


11 guide combs, a blade guard, and lubricating oil


1 Year

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