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Flat Top Haircut

Flat top haircut is a hairstyle with the hair standing upright and a flat top. Flat top haircuts are named according to length and how the top and sides are styled. It can be any haircut, provided it has a level top. 


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Ideal Face Shapes: Round, Oval, Square

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Ideal Hair Types: Straight

Styling Tips

  • Keep the top flat and the sides clean-shaven
  • If you have a beard, consider a short length
  • Avoid using styling products that will weigh the hair down

12 Fantastic Flat Top Haircut Ideas for Men

1. Dyed Flat Top



The dyed flat top is for guys who are not afraid of attention. This makes it an ideal hairstyle for fashion events and concerts, but you can wear it as your regular hairstyle.


It’s a high-maintenance style and only for those will long hair. This haircut has no limit on the design and colors. You can go with bold colors and letters or a subtle colour scheme.

Since the hair should be long to allow for the dying and designs, the style is ideal for guys without a beard to avoid making the face appear elongated. The only downside with this style is that it requires a professional stylist, and it’s highly demanding.

2. Flat Top Fade



All flat top haircuts give you the freedom to decide how to style the sides. While there are several styling options, the most common is a fade. Because there are different types of fades to go with, the choice depends on how much skin you want to expose and your face shape.

The different fades you can pair with a flat top include,

  • Low fade
  • Medium fade
  • High fade
  • Drop fade
  • Temple fade

if you want to give prominence to the flat top, opt for a high fade.  Also, consider the shape of your face. For instance, a high fade looks great on square, heart, and round-shaped faces, while a skin fade makes rectangular-shaped faces look thinner.

3. Military Flat Top Haircut


A military flat top is a clean and low-maintenance haircut that is one of the few haircuts that are allowed in the military.

Here is the definition according to military grooming standards. “Hair may be no longer than 3 inches long and the bulk of the hair (as your hair lies flat on your head it may not extend beyond 2 inches from your scalp) restriction applies equally to male Marines.”

Apart from being popular in the military, this hairstyle is also a favorite among men who find inspiration in the military lifestyle.

If you are a civilian, you can add your personal touch to your military flat top if you want to modernize it.

4. Flat Top Crew Cut



By itself, a crew cut is one of the most stylish hairstyles for men of all ages. It’s easy to maintain and looks very masculine. The hair gradually reduces in length from the front to the back, with the front being one to two inches long.

One way to elevate a crew cut is by pairing it with a flat top. So, how do you combine a flat top and crew cut?

To make sure it's a crew cut, the hair at the front is cut longer and the length reduces towards the back. While the deck will be slanting, the top is cut flat and a high fade on the sides and back. The deck as rounded edges.

5. Flat Top Buzz Cut



While a buzz cut is one of the easiest hairstyles to maintain, it's a bit basic. If you love your buzz cut and you want to take it to the next level, pair it with a flat top.


A sharp, stylish masculine haircut.

For this haircut, the sides and back are cut short and even. on top, the hair is cut a bit longer, but with a flat top. Since the hair on top is mostly short to medium, the hair is left standing on its own.

Since a buzz cut is a family of haircuts. You have the freedom to try different lengths on the side. The different buzz haircuts you can try on the sides include

  • Induction buzz
  • Butch buzz
  • Burr buzz

The difference is just the length on the sides. This haircut is very similar to the flat top with fade.

6. Semi Flat Top Haircut


A semi-flat top haircut is a great hairstyle for men looking for a  clean and low maintenance haircut. It’s a smart option for bearded men to avoid making their faces appear elongated.

Unlike the typical flat top hairstyles, the top for this haircut is flat but sloping as the length of the hair reduces. And since most of the head is clean-shaven, it's ideal for those with a head shape that has a perfect slope at the back.

7. Curly Flat Top or Textured Flat Top



Unlike most flattop haircuts that have a spirit level or perfect flat top, the top for this haircut is wavy, curly or textured. This style lacks the preciseness and sharp edges of most flattop styles, making it easier to maintain and shape.

A curly flat top is very similar to a curly or wavy high-top fade.  The trick is to shape the hair into a box shape to highlight the flat deck.

8. Flat Top Steps


How daring are you when it comes to your haircut?

If you love to push limits and you are not afraid to stand out, a flat top haircut with steps is a great style to try. It is a high flat top but has a shorter section shaped like a step. To make the step conspicuous, you can dye the step or have two steps.


This hairstyle is only ideal for those with long and thick hair to provide the real estate needed for the design. There is no limit on the number of steps to have but make sure they are precise as there is no room for crocked steps. It’s also not ideal for bearded guys, especially those with a long beard.

9. The High Flat Top



The high flat top is for guys who have the length and volume. The height is left as high as possible, provided the hair can stand independently. To avoid weighing the hair down, use light hold styling products so that the hair can maintain its shape.

The high flat top is not ideal for those with curly or wavy hair since it will be hard to maintain the shape. 

10. Flat Top Mullet


As the name suggests, this is a mullet haircut with a flat top. This modern mallet hairstyle has shorter sides and longer hair at the back. And just like any mallet hairstyle, it’s business at the front, party in the back.

A flat-top mallet hairstyle allows you to test various mallet styles, including the one above, where you won’t notice the mallet until you turn back.

11. Flattop Quiff Crossover or Psychobilly Quiff


The flat top psychobility quiff has a lot going on. If you examine it closely, you will realize it combines a pompadour and a mohawk. The hair on top is slightly longer than the short flat top but slants aggressively. It's one of the flat top styles that exposes the most scalp.

12. Rounded Flat-Top


What makes this style unique is the shape of the top section. The round shape is especially great for men with an M-shaped hairline.

To highlight the thick and round top section, go with a high fade on the sides.

Wrapping up

Flat top haircut is a timeless and versatile hairstyle that never gets out of style. Because the focus is on the top deck, you can turn most haircuts into a flattop hairstyle. For instance,  side part haircut with a flat top, pompadour with a flat top, dreads with a flat top, fade with a flattop, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the flat-top haircut is a timeless hairstyle that never gets out of style. Some flat top styles like the high top fade with a flat top are trendy, while a mallet with a flat top is rare.
As the name suggests, flat-top haircuts have hair standing upright but the top is cut flat. The shape of the flat deck is defined by the shape of the head, while the height depends on the length of the hair. The sides are either completely faded or lightly faded.
Yes, there are tons of flat-top haircuts you can try. There are head-turning options such as the flat top with steps, designs, or dyed top, and subtle flat-top haircuts like the flat top fade and military flat top if you want a low-maintenance haircut.
A flat-top crew cut hairstyle combines a crew cut and a flat top. Like the regular crew cut, the hair is longer at the front but gradually becomes shorter towards the crown. For it to be a flat top, the top is cut using clippers to make the hair level flat. The deck for a crew flat-top crew cut is sloping.

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