Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste

91.4 %

Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste

91.4 %
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Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste let’s you switch styles effortlessly. Whether you want to rock a messy combover today and a natural slick back tomorrow, this hair paste is the MVP of your grooming routine.

  • Medium hold
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Contains castor oil

Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste is a texturizer and volumizer that provides a medium hold with a semi-matte finish. Its designed to provide an all-day hold and a natural matte look to the point no one will notice you have used any hairstyling product . You get a touchable hold that you can run your fingers through, making it easy to restyle when you’re ready for a touchup.

Hair Craft Co. Hair Paste works on all hair types from coarse to fine, straight and thick hai types. It’s ideal for those with short to medium long hair. It is the perfect travel companion in a 2 oz container that can slip in the tiniest spaces. With a host of natural oils, it takes care of your scalp and ensures you steer clear of white flakes that we all dread.


Hair Craft Co.







Hair Type

All hair types


2 oz



Best For

Messy fringes, messy comb over, messy faux hawk

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