Redken Brews Molding Paste

96.9 %

Redken Brews Molding Paste

96.9 %
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Redken Brews Work Hard Molding Paste is a versatile hair paste that works with all hair types. It gives the hair a natural finish and maximum hold, but the hair remains flexible enough to rework into a fresh look during the day.

  • Maximum hold
  • Natural finish
  • Smooth, creamy texture

The Redken Brews Molding Paste is incredibly easy to use on all hair types no matter the length. Thanks to the creamy texture, this paste spreads and applies easily. It contains Polystretch fibers that give you a firm yet moldable hold that’s easy to reshape. All you need is a little water when it’s time to rework your hair.

The Redken Brews Molding Paste is also ideal for hairstyles that need adding texture like a textured wave of layered strands.

Redken Brews Molding Paste has a natural look and feel. You’ll never experience flaking and it is not greasy and washes out easily. This molding paste can work on damp or dry hair. You will require only a small amount, rub it on your hands, and it’s ready to work hair into your preferred hairstyle.


Redken Brews


Molding Paste





Hair Type

All Hair Types


3.4 oz, 5.4 oz



Best For

Styles that require adding texture

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