Peaky Blinders Haircut

Tommy Shelby -  Textured Crop With Short Sides And Back
Arthur Shelby - Slick Back Undercut
John Shelby - Disconnected Undercut
Michael Gray - Side Part Haircut
Alfie Solomons Haircut - Facial Hairs

Peaky Blinders Haircut

Named after the Peaky Blinders TV Series, the peaky haircut or Peaky Blinders haircuts are the edgy hairstyles sported by the male characters on the show. The haircuts include disconnected undercuts, short crops, and textured crops. 


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Ideal Face Shapes: Oval, Round, Square

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Ideal Hair Types: All

Styling Tips

  • Replicate the haircut of the character who has a face shape like yours.
  • Pair the haircut with a Peaky blinders suit that matches the character.
  • Add your personal touch when necessary.

5 Peaky Blinders Haircuts

1. Tommy Shelby Haircut - Cillian Murphy


Tom Shelby plays the main protagonist in the Peaky Blinders show. He knows how to carry himself and shows that humans have limitless potential. Tom Shelby's haircut is a textured crop with short sides and back.

However, the focus of this haircut is the long hair at the top and the styling. The hair on top is left long, brushed forward, and textured to form layers and waves. At the front, the hair is swept to the side, which is the signature of this hairstyle.

To get the Tommy Shelby Haircut, make sure you have a face shape and structure like Tommy’s elongated face shape and chiseled jawlines. 


Ask the barber to use a clipper with either guard #1, #2, or #3 when cutting the sides and back. The length should be uniform up to the top section, while the top should be left long. On top, ask for a textured crop with an asymmetrical fringe sweeping to the right. The barber will use barber scissors and pomade to style the fringe.

Believe it or not:

In one of the interviews, Tommy Shelby said that he doesn’t love the haircut because he is easily recognizable, but he admits it looks great.

But one thing’s for sure:

If you wear this hairstyle correctly, every Peaky Blinder fan will notice you.

2. Arthur Shelby Haircut - Paul Anderson


You know it:

Arthur Shelby is the eldest of the Shelby brothers and a fan’s favorite. Is he your favorite? Mine is Tommy!

Arthur’s life is full of death and misery, and he struggles to deal with the demons of everything he has seen.

Arthur Shelby (played by Paul Anderson) wears a slick back undercut on the show. The style is then paired with a mustache creating an exciting contrast.

Unlike Tommy's haircut, Arthurs’ sides and back are very short, almost clean shaved, but the top is left longer. The sides and the top don’t blend to create a contrast, bringing out the hard disconnect.

To get this haircut, just say a slicked-back haircut. It’s a trendy haircut, so your barber probably knows it. The sides and back should be cut short and uniform using the number #1 guard. The top hair should be long to reach the back of your head.

If you want to recreate the perfect Arthur Shebly Peaky Blinder haircut, wear a tweed suit, tweed waistcoat, and a penny collar shirt. And, of course, a cigar.

3. John Shelby Haircut - Joe Cole


Played by Finn Cole,  John Shelby is the youngest of the Shelby brothers.

The handsome boy wears a disconnected undercut similar to his two brothers. Lengthwise, Johny’s hair is the shortest on top, while the sides and back are very short but not clean-shaven. And just like Tommy, the sides and back should not blend to create a sharp contrast.

The top crop is shorter and styled to the side. This is unlike Arthur's top, which reaches the back of the head. The shorter hair lets the style remain intact without using a lot of styling products. John has the least maintenance and easiest to pull hairstyle compared to his brothers.

4. Michael Gray Haircut - Finn Cole


Michael Gray is a cousin of the Shelby brothers. And just like he is an outsider, he wears a different but dapper-looking side part haircut. The sides and back are longer, with a subtle low taper fade.

The result?

A classic and polished professional look.

To get this haircut, ask your barber to keep the sides and back long using scissors and a taper around your ears. You will need a light hold pomade or mousse to style the side part. After applying the styling product, use a blow dryer to dry the hair.

Because of the subtle nature of this haircut, it's also called the professional cut, standard cut, regular cut, or businessman cut.

5. Alfie Solomons Haircut - Tom Hardy



When it comes to Alfie Solomons, who plays a Jewish gang leader, it’s more about the facial hairs. He wears an unruly lumberjack-style beard and a messy Ivy League hairstyle.

This is probably the most straightforward haircut to maintain among Peaky Blinders haircuts. However, you can only replicate Alfie’s look if you have a long beard.

Wrapping up

If you are a fan of the Shelby boys, wear one of these haircuts to show your loyalty. It’s also a great way to connect with Peaky Blinders fans on the streets since most Peaky Blinders haircuts are easy to recognize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Peaky Blinders haircut is a blanket name for the haircuts won by the show’s male characters. While these haircuts existed before the show's release in 2013, the show repopularized them. Unlike initially, when men would wear these haircuts without understanding the history, the show’s fans are wearing these haircuts with a new understanding.Tommy Shelby Haircut: A texturized crop haircut with short sides and backArthur Shelby Haircut: A slicked back disconnected undercutJohn Shelby Haircut: A disconnected undercut with shorter hair on topMichael Gray Haircut: A side-part hairstyleAlfie Solomons Haircut: Messy Ivy League haircut with lumberjack-style beard
While it's not specific to the Peaky Blinders gang group, it's historically correct that most gang groups used to wear the undercut and texturized haircuts. Different writers indicate that gangs loved this haircut since wearing long hair was risky during street fights. There are also articles showing that gang members used paraffin to style the top part.
The Peaky Blinder’s Arthur Shelby haircut is a disconnected undercut. The sides and back are cut short using a #1 guard and the top is slicked back.
The name Peaky Blinders is derived from a Birmingham-based gang of the late 19th century. This gang group wore flat caps and had a unique dress code—also, their girlfriends. The name Peaky Blinder refers to the gang’s practise of stitching razors into the peaks of the flat caps. During fights, the members would slash the eyes, faces, and enemies' foreheads using the hats. However, this is contended, claiming that the word blinders referred to a well-dressed man. However, the characters’ names are all made up.
Yes, the Peaky Blinders Haircuts are unique and good-looking. Apart from the uniqueness of these haircuts, the sharp suits and long coats complement the haircuts very well.
No, none of the male characters in the Peaky Blinders wears a bowl cut. While the undercut and bowl-cut haircut has short sides and back, the shape and styling at the top are very different. The bowl shape resembles a mushroom, while the texturized crop takes the shape of the head.
To achieve the sleek and slick look on top, Arthur Shelby must have used a strong hold pomade to hold the style in place.

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