Professional Hair Clippers

Surely as a professional barber, you understand hair clippers can either up your barbing game or make your work suboptimal. To pick the right professional hair clipper, you have to prioritize the features that simultaneously maintain your service quality while improving your speed. In essence, you want to give your clients crisp haircuts within the shortest time possible.

Below, you will find professional hair clippers for men, each with product descriptions to set you on the path to your dream clipper. All clippers in this category are professional-grade clippers (corded/cordless) with superior ergonomics, blade performance, and motor power.

91.4 %
Andis Supra ZR 2

The Andis Supra ZR 2 offers more versatility to barbers with its multiple blade options . This clipper comes with a…

92.2 %
Oster Octane

The Oster Octane is undeniably one of the best professional clippers around . Although some might argue that it is…

92.8 %
BaBylissPRO GoldFX Clipper

Powered by a high-torque Ferrari-designed motor , the BaBylissPRO GoldFX clipper is the epitome of a high-quality…

82.2 %
Andis Envy

The Andis Envy is equipped with an electromagnetic motor that functions at 7200spm (strokes per minute). This powerful…

87.5 %
Wahl Designer

The Wahl Designer has a relatively modest yet powerful V5000 motor . Though not as powerful as other clippers with the…

87.5 %
Oster Fast Feed

The Oster Fast Feed has a wide range of impressive features. However, one of its most remarkable properties is its…

83.9 %
Oster Classic 76

Barbers that service many clients in quick succession find the Oster Classic 76 incredibly helpful . The clipper was…

81.1 %
Wahl 8500 Senior

With its impressive Electromagnetic V9000 motor, the Wahl 8500 Senior is an excellent tool for tapering, fading, and…

91.1 %
Wahl 5-Star Legend

The relatively affordable Wahl 5-Star Legend features Wahl’s special crunch-technology blades perfect for tapers and…

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