Professional Hair Clippers

Surely as a professional barber, you understand hair clippers can either up your barbing game or make your work suboptimal. To pick the right professional hair clipper, you have to prioritize the features that simultaneously maintain your service quality while improving your speed. In essence, you want to give your clients crisp haircuts within the shortest time possible.

Below, you will find professional hair clippers for men, each with product descriptions to set you on the path to your dream clipper. All clippers in this category are professional-grade clippers (corded/cordless) with superior ergonomics, blade performance, and motor power.

93.6 %
Wahl Magic Clip Cordless

The Wahl Cordless Magic Clip was built primarily to create seamless blends, whether harsh or soft line fades and mass…

91.8 %
Wahl Cordless Senior Metal Edition

What can one expect from a Wahl professional hair clipper of the highest quality? Only the finest results.  The Wahl…

93.8 %
Andis Master Cordless Gold

The Andis Master clipper's design and robust operation have earned it a fan following among hairdressers and amateur…

95.2 %
BaBylissPRO WhiteFX

Ferrari engineers masterfully crafted the motor in the BaByliss PRO White Trimmer. This hair clipper is a comprehensive…

95.3 %
Caliber .50 Cal Limited Edition

Caliber is among the world's newest hair clipper brands, but its outstanding product portfolio has already created a…

93.3 %
Andis Master Cordless

Recognized as a top-notch clipper among its peers, the Andis Master Cordless has many features that birthed its…

84.7 %
Andis Fade Gold

This wired clipper is an asset to professional barbers who do a lot of fading and tapering. Riding on the high-speed…

84.7 %
Wahl Super Taper 2

This clipper can easily cut all hair types without snagging or pulling and is fitted with very sharp blades . Although…

87.8 %
Wahl 5-Star Senior Cordless

The powerful rotary motor within this clipper generates enough power, which translates to increased blade speed . The 5…

94.7 %
Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition

At first glance, the Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition looks identical to the Wahl 100 Year Anniversary clipper . However,…

72.5 %
Andis Fade Master

The Andis Master Series features clippers with tell-tale aluminum housing . The Andis Fade Master is not exempt from…

76.7 %
Andis 90th Anniversary

The Andis 90th Anniversary is a lightweight clipper with a high-speed magnetic motor that cuts at an impressive 14000…

80 %
Wahl 100 Year Anniversary

The Wahl 100 Year Anniversary is modeled after the regular cordless Wahl 5-Star Senior, albeit with modifications. The…

83.9 %
Oster Classic 76

The most obvious modification to the Oster Classic 76, which birthed this baby, was made to its housing and blade color…

93.1 %
BaBylissPRO BlackFX

One of the hardest limited-edition clippers to come by , the BaByliss BlackFX is one of the clippers in BaBylissPRO’s…

87.5 %
Oster Fast Feed Rastaology

A whisper-quiet pivot motor powers the Oster Fast Feed Rastaology. The clipper is fitted with adjustable cryogen-x…

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