10 Best Quarantine DIY Haircuts For Men + Fails Bonus


Are you someone who relies on a barber for all your amazing haircuts? 

Then getting a quarantine haircut can seem daunting because of the many questions you probably have. 

For example:

  • How do you get started?
  • What equipment do you need for your self-haircut?
  • How do you even know which quarantine hairstyles for guys would fit?

If so:

I’ve got good news for you. 

This detailed quarantine haircut guide has all the information you need. In it, I’ll help you get the best results without ending up with epic haircut fails.

In this guide, I will talk about:

  • The equipment you need for quarantine haircuts
  • Tips on how to get started
  • Plus, a few funny haircut memes to make your day


Let’s get started with some cool DIY quarantine haircuts that are perfect for you.

Types Of Quarantine Haircuts with Pictures

What kind of quarantine hairstyles should you try out?

Don’t know? 

Well, here are a few DIY haircuts that stand out and can be done at home while social distancing.

1. DIY Skin Fade Haircut


Get this:

I’ve seen many fade hairstyles.

And the skin fade haircut is one of the easiest that you can pull off. Everything about this haircut screams simple and stylish.


Getting a skin fade done doesn’t take any extra effort. You should have as much hair at the top as you wish. Then, cut the sides and back very low.


Cut hair from the bottom and move upwards. And make sure this is opposite to the direction of your hair growth. 

In no time, it will start to shape up nicely.

2. DIY Mid Bald Fade


Without a doubt:

The mid bald fade is what you go for to pull off the gentleman look. 

It’s as classy as quarantine hairstyles come.

With this fade, the top is not as long as you find in most similar hairstyles

Instead, the sides fade while the top is done in a low cut. 

What’s more? 

When working on the back of your hair, make the lower part slightly shorter than others


Your mirror is perfect for this as it will let you see the spot clearly and reduce the chances of mistakes.

3. DIY Fade Cut (Side Part)


Thinking of going for a bad boy look? 


The DIY Fadecut is just what you need.

When doing this style, cut the hair at the top with scissors and part it into sections. 


Compare the hair length with the previous one as you cut to ensure they are the same length.


To maintain this quarantine hairstyle, you have to become best friends with your scissors.

4. DIY Hard Trim


Introducing the DIY hard trim. 


What do I like the most about this haircut? 


Absolutely anyone can pull it off.

The top is usually curly, while the sides get a hard trim


When trying a DIY Hard Trim out, leave as much hair length as possible at the top.


While you’re in the process of doing this haircut, a lot of hair will get caught up in the clipper’s blades. 

So, remember to shake the clippers often to get the clippings all out; hence, preventing your clipper from malfunctioning prematurely.

5. DIY Shape Up


Simply put:

The DIY Shape Up helps to keep your hair in shape after a while without a haircut. It’s easy to fall in love with this simple hairstyle.

To do it:

  • Set the clipper to take away just the right amount of hair.
  • Work your trimmer on the edges.
  • Keep your grip strong and steady during a DIY shape up.
  • Then, run the clippers from the nape of your neck to keep it neat and trim.

6. DIY Beard Trim


Did someone say “Beard Gang?”

Yes, well you don’t have to ignore your beards during the DIY quarantine haircut phase. 

Remember, your beard needs just as much attention, and this DIY Beard Trim will get the job done.


If your beards are a little longer than you would like, get a trimmer. Carefully cut out the edges until you’re satisfied.


Start trimming small bits at a time, especially if you’re not comfortable with the trimmer yet.

7. DIY Buzz Cut



The DIY buzz cut is not so different from most buzz cuts. It’s just that this one has a lot more elegance, something I don’t mind recreating as well.

Your DIY buzz cut works best when you start with fresh, clean hair. 


If this is your first time, then cut it slightly longer than you want it to be.

That way you’ll be able to cut out some more hair if you are not satisfied with its current size.


You can always cut hair short if it’s too long, but you can’t get your hair back if you cut it too short.

8. DIY Curly Trim


I’m sure you can guess where the “curly” in DIY curly trim comes from. 


This is a bold look that you should try during quarantine.

Here’s how:

  • Get a pair of scissors, a clipper/trimmer, and a 3-way mirror.
  • Choose what you want to do with your sides and back. Basically, you can have a full-head curly trim or a fade combo.
  • For full-head curly trims, all you have to do is style your hair as preferred. However, for anyone looking for a fade combo, you’ll have to do a fade and hairline design before styling.

Easy, right?

If you love to play around a bit and try something new, you can take the sides much lower.

9. DIY Super Fade


Get this:

The DIY super fade is super neat and great for changing your look to a shorter haircut.

To get the fade you desire, change clipper guards multiple times to blend your hair properly.

Also, be sure of the fade starting line before getting your super fade.

10. DIY Bad Boy Cut


Finally, here is the DIY bad boy cut

Need I say more? This haircut screams classy bad boy.

The results here should be shorter sides and longer hair at the top. 


Start from the bottom and sides before working your way to the top.

Remember that the top has a lot more space for hair than most cuts.

Which Equipment Is Needed For DIY haircuts?


Your quarantine haircut at home should look as amazing as possible. And you can only be sure of this when you use the right equipment for your haircuts.


These hairstyles for males require a lot of detail and coordination. If you’re serious about learning how to give yourself a haircut, this is one of the most important steps to get an awesome hairstyle. So, you should make sure that these tools are available:

#1 Shears

The first equipment in your arsenal for doing haircuts at home should be the shears. And no, you can’t just use regular scissors. 

Simply put, to get the best results, you need to use those that are designed for your hair type.


You may end up with one of the weird haircuts you’ll see later in this post. 

Anyway, a highly recommended one is the Equinox professional shears that are quite affordable and lightweight. Shears are relatively easy to use.

#2 Comb

The next piece of equipment for your DIY haircuts for guys is a comb. 

You may be thinking:

Everyone already has this at home, captain obvious.

Well, here is the truth.

A lot of people overlook its importance. Despite the fact that it always comes in handy during home haircuts. 

Pro Tip:

Go for an anti-static wood comb like the Rocky Mountain hair comb, which picks mustaches, and hair more.

#3 Three-Way Mirror

Since you’ll be doing a self-cut, the more you’re able to view all angles comfortably, the better.

Instead of buying a simple mirror, invest in a three-way self-cut mirror that shows your seriousness to the home barbering lifestyle. 

Put this in a well-lit bathroom for optimal results and visibility.


If you think you can hold a mirror and comfortably cut your hair with clippers, then get a small handheld mirror. These are cheaper but offer lower visibility and are less convenient compared to three-way mirrors.

#4 Self-Haircut Cape


Here is something designed to minimize the trouble that comes with cleaning up. 

It may seem unnecessary until you realize how much time you save when you use the cape for your quarantine haircuts. 

In fact:

You can get one attached to your bathroom mirror. That way, it will automatically collect all hair clippings with no worries. 

#5 Clipper and Trimmer

Your quarantine haircut at home doesn’t have to be the same quality you would get at a professional barbershop. 

However, you want results that won’t end up looking like an epic haircut fail.

Imagine this:

With simple home hair cutting tools, you can get the job done nicely and without overspending. 

And that brings us to some impressive haircutting tools you should have in your arsenal. Here are my top recommendations: 

  • Let’s start with the Wahl Color Pro. This is a cord/cordless hair clipper that comes with stainless steel blades. It is perfect for moving swiftly through thick hair. So, if you have coarse hair, a clipper like this will make getting your quarantine haircuts easy.
  • For trimmers, the Wahl Detailer comes to mind. This is the go-to trimmer for different quarantine hairstyles. All you need is a trimmer with edges that are sharp enough to make your hair look good without cutting you.

#6 Shampoos and Conditioner

To be sure you start off on the right foot, your hair should be washed and conditioned thoroughly. The kind of shampoo you use goes a long way in determining the quality of your quarantine haircut at home.

It’s a fact:

No one loves unwashed hair.


It’s best to go for a sulfate-free shampoo. It is not just soft on your scalp but also keeps it from drying out. It’s also an excellent choice for your conditioner, especially if you have thick hair.

#7 Haircut Kits

Here is a simple hack that is not as common as it should be. 

Instead of buying equipment for your DIY haircuts individually, here’s a better way. Buy them all at once in a self-haircut kit. 

These kits usually include some of the most efficient cutting tools for crew cuts, buzz cuts, or any other low cut


A sophisticated self-haircut kit would consist of a hair clipper, essential accessories, scissors, a cape, and a three-way mirror.

A good example is the Remington Shortcut Pro

This 100% washable machine comes with 40 minutes of runtime, a powerful motor, and stainless-steel blades. Anything easy to maintain and use for the best non-weird haircuts is a win in any book.


If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, you can get the complete package in the Conair Haircut Kit. This lightweight clipper has 60 minutes of runtime, a reliable motor, and self-sharpening blades made of stainless steel.

With it, you have a storage case to store your clippers, scissors, and ten combs. 

Does anyone want a quick coronavirus haircut at home? They will definitely know who to hit up – the person with the lightweight and convenient full-size clipper haircut kit.

#8 Hair Fade Clippers

Finally, on this list, let’s talk about the best hair fade clippers

If you noticed, DIY men’s fade haircuts have become quite popular. They look so good and are the best way to get your back and sides cut short.


How can you find a useful hair fading tool? 

Well, quality hair clippers should be able to taper your hair to any length without difficulties. You can start high and end it with a bald look when you have the right fading tools.

Quick suggestion:

Check out WiseBarber.com’s home hair clippers list when looking for your ideal options. 


If you haven’t read my post on how to cut your own hair, now is an excellent time to check out this quarantine haircut tutorial.

A Few Useful Home Haircutting Tips For You

Here is a brief overview of my favorite quarantine haircut tips to help you get started.

  1. Avoid cutting so much into your natural hairline. Instead, keep the edges straight on and cut the parts that are sticking out.
  2. When cutting your neckline, do this in a straight line.
  3. In everything, laying the right foundation is always important. Here, it involves moving to the opposite side only when you’re done with one side of your head first. Then, you should cut the back last. The overall result? A more symmetrical cut
  4. Take note of the growth direction of your hair. Make sure you cut in the opposite direction. However, this may seem complicated at first. Especially since different parts of your head can have a specific growth direction.
  5. Blend the lengths of your hair into a fade by using different guards. Start with no guard in the hairline region. Then, move to a higher guard while progressing to the sides of your head. With this, you will have a professionally-designed look.
  6. If your quarantine hairstyle has more than a few inches on top, use shears to finish it off. Make sure it’s slightly damp first to make it easier to cut. Do this with the rocking motion that blends the transition from the lower sides to the longer tops.
  7. Don’t forget to clean up your facial hair and hairline with a trimmer. This is usually the last step.

Quarantine Haircut Fails Meme

Unfortunately, some people have tried to do their coronavirus home haircut, but ended up with the worst haircuts ever.

Fortunately, you have read this guide and, hopefully, won’t find yourself in that position. 


That won’t stop us from having a good laugh, though. So, here is my hilarious collection of crazy haircuts for guys. 

1. Don’t Trust Your Mum With The Clipper


2. That Inevitable Face-palm Moment


3. A Coronavirus Haircut You Won’t Be Proud Of


4. Are You Sure You Aren’t Down Already?


5. Oops!!


6. A Good Reason Why Some of Us Have Trust Issues


7. Did Someone Order An Umbrella?


8. Who Left A Half-eaten Apple On My Face?


9. And The Award For  Son Of The Year Goes To…!


10. I’ve Got A Parking Space…



2020 had more than a few surprises for us all. 

One of them being that many men had to make the inevitable decision: get their clippers out for the first time in a while or walk around the house like an unshaved caveman.

With this quarantine haircut guide, I’m sure you’ll be more confident, now, to do your quarantine hairstyles at home. 

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