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Which are the Best Barber Chairs for Your Shop in 2021

Every barber knows this:

Aesthetics and comfortability are two of the biggest factors that determine customer retention and pricing.

That’s why…

Finding the right barber chairs is one way of achieving both of these factors with ease.

And if you are wondering; how?

Well, barber chairs say a lot about you and your business.

Having new, well-maintained, and stylish chairs shows that you are responsible, professional, and organized; plus, it makes your barbershop look good and feel comfy for anyone coming in.


Which are the best barber chairs 2021?

Here are six options for you to choose from:

Top Pick
BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic

This is one of the best heavy-duty barber chairs in the market today. Plus, it offers you a lot of value for your money.

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  • Well, there is so much to love about this barber chair.
  • For one, it comes in a very modern design with color combination options of Black & Cream White, Black & Brown, and Red & Black.
  • Its frame is quite sturdy and durable; plus, it’s supported by a 26-inch round base that makes it very stable.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel angle and can recline up to 150-degrees.
  • And the best part is that it’s quite affordable; costs between $300 and $400 per unit.


  • The biggest issue a lot of barbers have been reporting about the BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair is that its chrome base is prone to rust.
BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair

The BR Beauty K.O.

Aside from looking modern and trendy, it is also one of the highest-rated barber chairs today.

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If you are worried about how much weight your barber chairs can handle, then you need to get yourself The BR Beauty K.O. Professional Barber Chair.


  • Well, it comes fitted with a strong hydraulic lift capable of lifting up to 350 pounds of weight.
  • Also, you and your clients will love this seat’s aesthetic design and sufficient padding/cushioning for maximum comfort.
  • It does a 360-degree swivel and can recline up to 180 degrees.
  • And the best part is that you get all these features and more for just about $600.


  • It doesn’t have headrest locking and the seat cushions lack grip and are easy to slip off.
arberPub Heavy Duty Metal Vintage Barber Chair

BarberPub Heavy Duty Metal Vintage

This near-replica of the Belmont barber chair can be described as the midpoint between features/functionalities and cost.

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  • First of all, it has one of the most ergonomic barber chair designs in the industry.

In fact:

One look at it and you’ll be able to tell that it has a lot of hidden perks and capabilities hidden behind its simple retro design.

For example:

  • It’s quite affordable – One of these chairs cost around $700; if you ask me, that’s quite the deal considering the chairs stunning looks and functionality.
  • Very comfortable – This chair comes fitted with high-density foam and quality PU leather; hence adding a bit of luxury to your barbershop’s portfolio.
  • Comes with a lot of conveniences – Yes, this chair can do 360-degree rotations, has an amazing 140-degree reclining angle and can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight effortlessly.


  • The only demerit you need to know is that the cost of the color will differ depending on the seat color. Also, shipping costs are often higher than normal rates.
Artist Hand Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair

Artist Hand Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline

This Artist Hand barber chair boasts of everything you should look for in a barber chair. For example, it is quite affordable, of great-quality, aesthetically designed, and impressively durable.

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Aside from being one of the best American made barber chairs, Artist Hand is also one of the most popular barber chair brands today.

They’ve got quite an impressive arsenal in their collection and, by far, the Artist Hand Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair is one of their best products.

What makes it so popular?

Well, this barber chair comes with comfy, high-density foam and can hold up to 440lbs in weight.


This chair has an incline angle of 135 degrees and can make a 360-degree swivel. And its classic design footrest is not only comfortable but also allows for easy rotations during a haircut.

Basically, it’s easy to use, good looking and only costs around $500 for a complete unit.


  • The one problem that a lot of people have reported about the Artist Hand Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline Barber Chair is that its hydraulic lift doesn’t go as high as advertised.
Merax Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair

Merax Classic Hydraulic

Long story short, the Merax Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair is ideal for on-call barbers that move door-to-door to offer their services.

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Simple design, easy to carry, best value for money – these are just a few benefits that come with this barber chair.

It’s often quite popular; not only because of its affordability but also because of the amount of comfort it offers despite being a small-size barber chair.


The Merax chair is fitted with high-quality foam and a well-placed footrest to maximize comfort.

Its design is quite simple.

But that doesn’t mean that this chair doesn’t have much to offer.

For example:

It comes with a hydraulic lift that raises the chair up to 18” off the floor.

Also, you get to enjoy a 160-degree recline angle with sufficient support provided by its 23”-in-diameter base to carry up to 360lbs comfortably.


  • The biggest flaw it the design of this Merax Classic Hydraulic Barber Chair is its lack of a headrest. That takes a few key points off its comfortability rating.
Heavy Duty Barber Chair Men's Grooming Barbershop Hydraulic Chair

Dir Heavy Duty

It’s the most expensive barber chair, but for good reasons.

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It’s one of the most ergonomic luxury barber chairs on the market today.

And what’s more interesting is its unique, vintage design that’s not only made for durability but also designed to offer maximum functionality.

For a chair that looks more like an old-style Koken barber chair straight out of the 80s, it boasts of a lot of modern tweaks including:

  • It has high-density memory foam.
  • A pinpoint adjustable and locking headrest.
  • With a hydraulic lift capable of lifting up to 580lbs.

However, to own one of these chairs, you should be prepared to fork out at least $1,150 per piece.


  • For one, this barber chair isn’t that affordable; you can get the same experience on a much cheaper option.
  • Also, the Dir Heavy Duty Barber Chair is quite limited in terms of reclining angle; the best you can get is a 45-degree recline.

And that’s a wrap.

But before you bounce, here is a quite pro tip.

What do you look for when shopping for a barber chair?

There are a lot of factors that come into play; however, these are the biggest ones you’ll need to consider:

  1. The design (for aesthetics).
  2. The frame and materials used (for durability).
  3. The chair’s price tag (for affordability).
  4. Materials used (for comfortability and quality).
  5. The seat’s recline and swivel angles (for handling and adjustability).
  6. And weight capacity (for safety).

Considering each of these factors is one sure way of finding the best barber chair for your shop.

 I hope this post was useful.

And as always, feel free to say something in the comments if you have any questions or contributions to this topic.

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