An A-List Of The 9 Best Haircuts For Triangle Face Men


Are you looking for the best haircuts for a triangle face shape

Then get this straight, first:

There are 2 types of triangular faces; namely inverted and non-inverted

The inverted triangle is distinguished by having a face length with a width that sharply diminishes from forehead to a seemingly pointy chin

Opposite to this:

The non-inverted triangle face diminishes in width from the mandible to the forehead. It then features an inconspicuous chin.


How do you decide the triangular category of your face with precision? And what are the best haircuts to wear?


Those are the questions this post seeks to answer. Below, you’ll get;

  1. A step-by-step guide to understanding the category of your triangular face.
  2. An A-list of the top 9 best hairstyles for men with triangular head shapes.
  3. Professional answers to frequently asked questions about haircuts for the triangular face.


The guide first:

Understanding Your Face’s Triangle Shape

Grab a measuring tape, a pencil or pen, a jotting notebook, and take the measurements listed below.

  1. The distance between the hairline and the chin
  2. The width of the forehead
  3. The gap between the two cheekbones
  4. The length of the jawline
  5. The width of the chin/jaw


Write down all the measurements and compare.

Now, locate your category in the table below according to your findings from the measurements taken:

Inverted Triangular FaceNon-Inverted Triangular Face
The forehead’s width is greater or equal to the distance between the cheekbones.The maxilla is wider than the forehead.
The width of the seemingly sharp jaw is shorter than every other portion of the face. Almost pointed.Here, the chin is inconspicuous.
The jawline measurement is the highest.The defined jawline may not be the longest.

By now you know the category of your face. With that in mind, here are the best triangle face shape (male) hairstyles for you.

5 Haircuts For Inverted-Triangle Face Men

The plan for inverted triangular head shapes should be to create even proportions of the slant lines as you go from forehead to chin.

In that case:

The ideal haircuts for this must add width to the cross-section of the jawline and the jaw

However, another option is to reduce the width of the forehead and to shorten the distance between the cheeks.


Here are the 5 best haircuts for this.

1) Quiff Haircut



Because a Quiff adds fullness and roundness to the forehead; to appear like the same length with a rather elongated jawline. 

To level up:

Match a Boxed beard to a Quiff to control the narrowness of the jawline and the chin’s pointy nature.

2) Crew Cut 


Get this:

Crew Cut is an ideal haircut for every moment and fits right on every facial shape. If your forehead turns out to be wider than your cheeks, a Crew Cut will help to strike that needed balance.

So, here’s a quick description:

A Crew Cut is a relatively short hairstyle. It features the bulk of the hair at the front and slopes gently as you move towards the back of the head.

Plus, to add a little bit of contrast, a high skin fade on the sides and back does the trick. 


By adding a Chin Curtain beard to this, you can increase the width of a pointed jawmitigate the sharpness of the strong jawline, and frame the entire face.

3) Pompadour


It’s worth noting that:

This is not your typical, best haircut for a triangle face male

Let me explain:

A textured Pompadour is classical, stylish, and easily draws attention. And without fading the sides, you can successfully add width to both the forehead and the two sides above the jawline. 

Any suggestions?

Well, you can get creative by experimenting with these 10 best Pompadour variations by WiseBarber.

4) Messy Fringe


Wearing a Messy Fringe makes you want to throw a party. 


If you want to transform from a triangular face to a square face shape, the Messy Fringe style is for you. And it gets even better for those with naturally full and thick hair.  

What do I mean?

Well, fade sides tend to line up the protruding cheeks with the temple; while the side fringes on the top broaden the forehead.

5) Buzz Cut


The Buzzcut is one of the most masculine haircuts for any facial shape. 


It’s not limited to the category of triangle face shape hairstyles for men. Practically, a Buzzcut creates uniformity all-around the head

What’s better?

The Buzzcut is a low-budget haircut that you can give yourself at home using a home clipper. 

Need some inspiration?

Check out my top 8 Buzz Cuts recommendations and how to rock them like a gentleman. And if you prefer having a Bald head, try to grow a full beard to hide the high cheekbones.  

That said:

Let’s check out the second category of triangle face shapes for men:

4 Haircuts For Non-Inverted Triangular Face

So, this is it:

Technically, the plan for a non-inverted triangular face should be to increase the width of the forehead. Alsoyou should thrive to decrease the wideness of both the chin and the jawline. 

But how?

Well, the 4 hairstyles for triangle face shapes reviewed below will help you nail it.

1) Caesar Haircut



Topping the list of the best haircuts for non-inverted triangular faces is a versatile, low-profile cut that has evolved through the ages.


A classical Caesar haircut features the same hair length all over and the only thing unique about it was a super-dope fringe. Today, more fashionable variations have been created by pairing a Classical Caesar haircut with Undercuts, Faders, and Tapers.

2) Curly Top


Curls are known to bring out a sexy look of confidence and feminine beauty. However, this Curly Top haircut replaces any feminine traits with manliness and style on a triangular face. 

Take note:

You can choose to couple this style with an Undercut or leave the sides as is. Plus, these cool hairstyles for men can also be substituted with spiky hairstyles like the Faux Hawk

All things equal, the main focus is on the longer curly top that makes the forehead shine out.

3) Side Part Undercut


Heads up:

If you’re a modern guy who loves to look edgy, high-class, and rebellious, this is how you should be rocking your Side Part haircut. Simply ask your barber to add an Undercut to a traditional Sideswept cut.

For your info:

This hairstyle is the secret ingredient behind looking good on date nights and dinners for many inverted triangle-faced men.

4) Comb Over


One thing about the Comb Over is that it gives you control over the direction of your top hair.

You can comb it over to the left or the right; depending on where you want to add length along the forehead.

But, please:

Make sure to apply wax or hair pomade before brushing the hair for easy control and lasting hold.

In Conclusion

A triangular face has a conical look, thanks to the two strongly slanted sides of the face and the pointed chin (in the case of an inverted triangle). 


In this post, I have shared with you how to determine the triangle category of your face; whether inverted or non-inverted. Likewise, I have recommended the 9 best haircuts for triangle face shape for men.

At this juncture:

Let me know what you think about my selections in the comment section below. 


If you have some superb styles in your personal list of stylish triangle-shaped face hairstyles for men and are willing to share them with other readers, feel free to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Longer hairstyles draw attention to the sloppy jawline. Instead, you want to take attention away from that. This is achieved by widening the forehead with longer tops and not too much length on the sides. But if you don’t want to trim down your long hair, you can tie a Man Bun to create a rounder head shape.
Yes, unlike both round and square men’s face shapes, triangular faces – especially the inverted ones – are rare.
Any haircut that balances out the sharp length difference between the jawline and the forehead is suitable. So, take the measurements of these two portions of the face first before choosing a suitable style.

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