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Revealing The 10 Best Haircuts for Oblong Faces Men

oblong faces men

Get this:

Every well-groomed man knows that tailoring a haircut to the shape of the face makes all of the difference. 

Generally, with the perfect haircut for your face shape, you can have that smooth facial and personality change.


In today’s post, I’ll share with you the 10 best haircuts for oblong faces men. Plus, a few answers to a couple of related questions.

Ready to dive in?

Here’s every hairstyle you can wear with an oblong face.

a) Side Fringe

Side Fringe Haircut

A well-styled Side Fringe takes away the attention from the length of the face. It was probably one of the most popular oblong face hairstyles for men in 2017.

What should you expect?

Well, your face will look shorter since this type of Fringe is diagonal and covers most parts of the forehead. It’s clean, yet messy. And thus, gives you an appealing masculine look.

b) Side-Part

Side-Part Haircut

Part your wax-activated hair to one side, throw in some fades, and press in your best hairspray. That’s how to make jaws drop when you wear a Side-Part

The Side-Part hairstyle is another option for men with oblong face shapes. Having some volume (on the top and sides) makes the face appear shorter and broader


The Fringe on the top also helps to broaden your forehead

But, be careful not to make the top too long or it will elongate your face. You can also pair your Side-Part with a short beard to make your chin look shorter.

c) Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut Haircut

Wondering why the Buzz Cut made it into my list of the best men’s haircuts for oblong face shapes?

Simply put, it keeps you looking like a military guy – neat and organized.

As an extremely short hairstyle with uniform length all over, the Buzz Cut doesn’t add length to the top of your head. Hence, its popularity among men with round face shapes too. 

Also, it’s low-maintenance and DIY-friendly

Picture Eminem.

Yes, that’s the right kind of Buzz Cut for an oblong face shape. Moreover, you can have all the hair off, or retain a decent amount of length

You know… get creative.

d) Chris Hemsworth’s Signature Style

Chris Hemsworth's Signature Style

Wondering why Chris Hemsworth always looks more youthful than your typical 38-years-old Australian Actor? 

Well, among his main ingredients is having one of the most stunning hairstyles for oblong faces.

Get this:

It looks like a Taper fade, but it’s not the conventional type. Instead of keeping it quite high on the top, Chris Hemsworth swaps height for width.


This messy variation is known to draw attention away from the forehead

Chris Hemsworth’s signature style can quickly switch from casual to formal for all oblong face men who know how to use styling products.

e) Fringe Curls For Oblong Face Men

Fringe Curls Haircut

Tapered back and sides coupled with bulky, curly hair on the top and bangs can form a nice Side Fringe. This is how you describe Fringe Curls to your barber.

But why is the Fringe Curls style on my list of the best men’s haircuts for oblong faces? 

Well, it pronounces your jawline and gives the entire face a sexually attractive look. It’s the kind of hairstyle that turbocharges introverts with enough confidence to become partygoers.

Pro Tip:

You can also choose to incorporate a slightly messy beard for a blast; the way Nick Jonas often does.

f) Low Fade + Quiff

Low Fade + Quiff Haircut

Is this a controversial hairstyle for oblong face men? No. Not when it’s done right.


The underlying idea is to keep it short and simple

Therefore, the Taper Fade should be so low that you can almost see the skin underneath (a typical skin fade) and it should only begin to fill out halfway to the top. 

That way:

You’re able to get a very low Quiff at the top without looking too shabby. Remember, for oblong faces, you want to avoid hairstyles that elongate the face

g) Short Wavy Haircut

Short Wavy Haircut

With a Short, Wavy haircut, you can look charmingly badass with ease. Nowadays, it’s one of the best haircuts for oblong-faced men. 

Remember Freddy from the hit TV show, I-Carly

Yes. His hairstyle made waves then and still does, nowadays. (Pun intended).

A Short Wavy haircut is perfect and suitable for any occasion. It is neat and easy to maintain. Also, it is ideal for men in their 30s to 50s

Career man style? Yes.

h) Short Pompadour

Short Pompadour Haircut


Short straight hair with side parting and a cone-like top, this Pompadour variation hardly goes wrong. And if you have an oblong face, you will always look good with it.

The Short Pompadour makes it to my list of haircuts of Oblong face men because of its timeless and trendy nature

On top of that, it is also relatively easy to maintain with the right hair products.

Any specifics?

Yes, a Short Pompadour is perfect for new-age professionals who love to make a statement.

i) Dreads

Dreads Haircut

Remember the signature Dreads on Eric Killmonger in the movie, Black Panther


While Michael Jordan does not have the most pronounced face shape, Dreads can suit anyone with an Oblong face

It can be styled easily in ways that draw attention away from the Oblong Face shape. 

Also, simply letting it all flow down adds width to the face and evens the dimensions out. Dreads are perfect for students, artists, and everyone who seeks expression.

j) Shawn Mendes’ Long Hair

Shawn Mendes’ Long Hair

This style makes it to the list because the Singer, Shawn Mendes, beautifies his perfectly oblong face with it every time. Emphasis: Shawn Mendes’ has a perfectly oblong-shaped face.

Based on my follow-up on Shawn:

This messy hairstyle was the singer’s iconic style up until 2018, after which he cut it and switched to Fringes and Fringe Curls. 

The best part is that this hairstyle is super easy to maintain and perfect for all age groups.

And that’s it:

With this complete, Wisebarber’s list of stunning oblong face shape haircuts for men, you’ve got 10 awesome options to choose from. 


Be sure to check out my answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this topic at the end of this post. 


As you can see, it’s actually easy to find stylish haircuts for your oblong face. The objective, don’t forget, is to keep the face visually wider or shorter.

Putting it all together:

Consider haircuts that are uniform in length or add volume to the side and avoid any that add height.

Have questions?

Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below.

Still your number one barber, Mike.

FAQ About Haircut for Oblong Face Shape Men

How Do I Know If I Have An Oblong Face?

The first confirmation is equality in the width of the following:
The width of the jaw and the forehead,
The width of the jaw line and cheekbones.
Finally, the vertical height of the face is greater than the horizontal length.

Are Men With Oblong Faces Attractive?

Men with oblong faces have nice-looking, masculine features. Other than their extensive face length (which can be “shortened” with the right hair and beard styles), everything else (jaw, cheek, forehead) seems well balanced and moderate.

Do I Have An Oblong Or Diamond Face Shape?

Face length is the major contrast between the oblong and diamond faces. You most likely have an oblong face if your cheekbone, forehead, and jaw line have similar measurements. 
Otherwise, every diamond face shape man has a pronounced cheekbone (and pointed chin) that’s the longest portion.

What’s The Difference Between Oblong And Oval Face Shapes?

The oblong face has a length longer than the cheekbone, jawline, or forehead. The oval face has a length longer than the cheekbone width, as well as a forehead width that’s larger than the jawline.

Should A Man With An Oblong Face Keep A Beard? If Yes, What’s Ideal and What Isn’t?

A man with an oblong face can keep a beard. But grow it short; because full beards tend to elongate the face even further. Applying volume to the sides whilst shortening the length on the chin should help create a chiseled structure, which is a better alternative.

What Beard Suits An Oblong or Square Face Shape?

A Stubble or any other short beard styles is ideal for the length along the jawline of an oblong or square face. For oblongs, a thick mustache can also help detract from the elongation.

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