Andis Hair Clippers

The Andis Company is a family-owned business dedicated to producing innovative and quality hair clippers for professional and home use. It is no wonder that Andis hair clippers are praised for their versatility and reasonable pricing compared to other brands. Also, many barbers consider the clippers in the Andis Master Series to be some of the best professional clippers on the market.

Lots of great things have been said about Andis hair clippers. However, to ensure that you don’t make a purchase based entirely on hearsay, this section is dedicated to informing you professionally about Andis clippers.

93.8 %
Andis Master Cordless Gold

The Andis Master clipper's design and robust operation have earned it a fan following among hairdressers and amateur…

93.3 %
Andis Master Cordless

Recognized as a top-notch clipper among its peers, the Andis Master Cordless has many features that birthed its…

88.6 %
Andis Select Cut

The Andis Select Cut is fitted with sharp adjustable ceramic blades that cake on any hair type for snag-free haircuts .…

84.7 %
Andis Fade Gold

This wired clipper is an asset to professional barbers who do a lot of fading and tapering. Riding on the high-speed…

72.5 %
Andis Fade Master

The Andis Master Series features clippers with tell-tale aluminum housing . The Andis Fade Master is not exempt from…

85.8 %
Andis ProAlloy

The Andis ProAlloy’s principal feature is undoubtedly its XTR technology . Hence, it runs not just cooler than many…

87.8 %
Andis 68120 Headstyler

The Andis 68120 Headstyler is a combo of a bulky clipper (the Headstyler) and a portable trimmer (the Headliner) . The…

89.4 %
Andis Speed Master 2

The Andis Speed Master 2 clipper features a professional pivot motor that makes it great for all types of styling and…

90.1 %
Andis Cordless Fade Combo

The Andis Cordless Fade Combo is a clipping and trimming set that features powerful batteries and sharp blades. The…

Best Andis Clippers

WiseBarber's List of the 9 Best Andis Clippers in 2022

It’s no secret: Andis is one of the best hair clipper manufacturers on the planet. You don’t believe me? Just walk…

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86.7 %
Andis 73000 Envy Cordless

This wireless clipper is about 25% lighter than the Andis Envy at 9.9 ounces . Coupled with its ergonomic design , it…

76.7 %
Andis 90th Anniversary

The Andis 90th Anniversary is a lightweight clipper with a high-speed magnetic motor that cuts at an impressive 14000…

83.3 %
Andis Supra Li 5

One of the most prominent features of this clipper is its lustrous appearance . The credit for that goes to the brushed…

81.1 %
Andis Ceramic BGRC

The Andis Ceramic BGRC is a fairly expensive grooming tool with a rotary motor that operates at 2900spm (strokes per…

85.6 %
Andis Master

The Andis Master is a staple grooming product perfect for cutting everything from buzz or crew cuts to taper fades. Its…

91.4 %
Andis Supra ZR 2

The Andis Supra ZR 2 offers more versatility to barbers with its multiple blade options . This clipper comes with a…

82.2 %
Andis Envy

The Andis Envy is equipped with an electromagnetic motor that functions at 7200spm (strokes per minute). This powerful…

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