55 Men's Fade Haircuts That Will Make You Love Your Hair

55 Men's Fade Haircuts That Will Make You Love Your Hair

A Fade haircut, also known as a Regulation haircut, is a very popular haircut. It features longer top hair while the length at the back and sides shortens gradually until it fades into the skin.

icon face_shapes_1
Ideal Face Shapes: Square, round, oblong, and inverted triangle.

icon hair_types
Ideal Hair Types: Straight, curly, and wavy.

Styling Tips:

  • Damp the hair before trimming
  • Start by moving the clipper vertically
  • Apply the hair product of your choice after trimming

Do you want to recreate the hottest fades in town? Good choice!

Fade haircuts are edgy, youthful, and neat. However, they are some of the most difficult styles to trim with a clipper.


Your barber will work with various sizes of guards or blades. He’d start with a longer top, then shorten the hair dramatically as he goes down the head on both sides and the back.

But is a Fade haircut perfect for you?

Well, let’s see:

There are tens of men’s Fade haircut variations available online today, trimming them varies slightly. Anyway, I have created this A-list of the 55 hottest Fade hairstyles.

The A-List of 55 Charming Fade Haircuts For Men

1) High Fade Haircut

Get this:

High Fades create a sharp contrast between the top hair and the sides of the head. This style elongates the face and narrows the forehead. By choosing your High Fade carefully, you can achieve an extra effect and blend the style to your demands.

2) Mid Fade Haircut


To create a medium fade haircut, start halfway up the sides to the back of the head. The top hair is left as it is, fine-tuned with a line-up, or styled dynamically with a product. This hairstyle is versatile and works well for formal and casual occasions.

3) Low Fade Haircut

Here's the thing:

A Low Fade is the ideal fade haircut for conservative gentlemen who don’t want to let go of much of their hair. For this style, taper hair from the top of the ear and decrease the hair length as you proceed, allowing the hair to fade into the neckline.

4) Mid Fade Pompadour


Pompadour is a timeless hairstyle featuring a swept up-back top hair styled with a high-shine pomade. To replicate it in a modern and refreshing way, pair a Classic Pompadour with a clean Mid Fade.

5) Low Fade Pompadour


This is another modern way to style a Pompadour for a dapper look. A Pompadour Low Fade hairstyle is perfect for men with wider faces who want an elongated appearance. It’s bold, stylish, and classy.

6) Basic Burst Fade

Get this:

To achieve this hairstyle, taper the hair around the ears and down the nape. Note that the fade on both sides of the head must take a semi-circular shape, so you have to trim it meticulously.

7) Textured, Curly Burst Fade

How to get this:

Add the suave effect of curls to the stylish freshness of a Burst Fade. This lit combination is ideal for date nights, school parties, and birthdays. You can also add tones to your hair for an extra stylish look.

8) Mullet Burst Fade


Mullets are usually sighted on DJs and other club artists. But it’s not a prerequisite that you should belong to any of those two categories before rocking a Mullet. As long as you want to wear a hipster look for a few weeks, pairing a Burst Fade with a Mullet is awesome.

9) Man Bun


This is another way to achieve a hipster stamp, but this time, without committing to a high-maintenance haircut.


A Man Bun is best styled with textured hair; the top hair length must be high enough for a bun.

10) High Fade Mohawk


If you’re a gentleman with a rebellious attitude and would like to display it with your hairstyle, go for a Mohawk. You can also pair it with a High Fade on each side of the head so that the forehead’s width appears wider.

11)  Low Fade Man Bun


The good thing about a Low Fade Man Bun hairstyle is that you don’t have to cut much of your hair. Also, upkeeping is easy. And did I mention that it’s as appropriate for official occasions as it is for unofficial events?

12) High Fade With Braids

Here's the thing:

For men with long hair and a kinky texture, combining Medium Size Braids with a High Fade can give you a whole new look. And just for your info, Braids are a symbol of wisdom and strength.

13) Temple Fade + Man Bun + Short Boxed Beard


With this Temple Fade + Man bun combo, you can carve a signature look for yourself or set the trend. Either way, remember to choose a hairstyle and color that compliments your hair type and sets the right mood.

14) Burst Fade With Tied Dreads

Get this:

With a modern dread hairstyle, you can take Reggae vibes with you wherever you go. Simply trim your Burst Fade to the sides of the head and use twine to tie your locs into a ponytail. This Fade haircut is most common among gents in the tech industry.

15) Classic French Crop


Classic French Crop features short hair on the top of the head, a High Fade, and an Undercut to the remaining region, including a Fringe. It’s a simple hairstyle that’s easy to style and stress-free to upkeep.

16) Voluminous Textured French Crop With Skin Fade


Look at how clean that is.

Keeping the top hair longer and voluminous is a more modern and stylish way to rock a French Crop. Though covered by the fringe, the Skin Fade gives you a more youthful look while flaunting an edgy cut.

17) Relaxed Spiky French Crop


There’s probably no way as stylish as this when concealing an accentuated forehead. Keep the fringe longer, almost like bangs. Then make the spikes relaxed by combing the gelled hair downward in a forward direction.

18) Temple Fade Mushroom With Extended Bangs

Here's the thing:

Classical Mushroom hairstyles, popularly called Bowl haircuts, were popular in the 1960s. For this style, trim your hair around your head to imitate the bowl shape. Stop trimming as you approach back hair, and leave the hair to flow into the neckline.

19) Taper Fade Bowl Cut


This is a nice way to wear a Bowl haircut for a new look. The good thing about bowl hairstyles is that they allow for creativity. And with a taper fade, you can add neatness and style to the glam of a unique bowl hairstyle.

20) Low Fade Edgar Haircut

Get this:

The Edgar haircut, AKA Takuache, is a Mexican style similar to a Bowl hairstyle. The difference between the two is that, for an Edgar cut, the hair in the back region extends to the nape. You can pair this style with a low fade to add style to your cut.

21) Bald Fade Takuache Hair Design


You can achieve a youthful look with this Bald Fade haircut variation. With regard to the width of your forehead, you can extend the fringe to reach the right length. And for newbie DIYers, it’s better to let a professional barber trim your Bald Fade Edgar cut.

22) Temple Fade Edgar


A Temple Fade Edgar hairstyle is one of the best Fade haircuts for kids with straight textured hair in elementary schools. However, on adults, it looks great with short, voluminous wavy hair or straight, long hair.

23) Mid Fade Faux Hawk


Faux Hawk is a cool and bold haircut for gents in the business world. But since there are several trendy ways to wear a Faux Hawk, clubbers trim it too. This Faux Hawk style features a longer top hair strip that runs from the forehead to the back and short sides.

24) Undercut Fade Wavy Faux Hawk

How to get this:

Add a splash of sleekness to your Faux Hawk hairstyle by trimming for a Skin Fade underneath it. This Fade haircut variation will likely make you look dapper and sexier if you have wavy hair.

25) Faux Hawk Undercut


This Faux Hawk hairstyle gives an audacious and fresh expression. Since the Fade here is an Undercut, this style is easy to trim for beginners, as you only have to work with one blade size. You may also convert the long hair strip into finger coils to look even more stylish.

26) Combed Spiky Faux Hawk With Undercut

Here's the thing:

This Fade haircut screams modern, hotness, and high class. For this style, spike the top hair strip of your Faux Hawk and comb it towards the crown. Finally, ask for a uniform Undercut beneath it and apply a high-hold pomade to the hair for structure.

27) Undercut Fade Afro-Punk Haircut


While Medium profile Afro Punks are popularly considered kids’ haircuts, grownups are rocking them too, stylishly. As you can see, this one here incorporates an Undercut that has trimmed hairlines and is framed in tight Line-ups.

28) High Top + Medium Fade


While High Top Fades used to be the symbol of rap culture in 1988, many black folks still rock a High top haircut today. The idea is to keep the top hair as high as 8-9 inches, give it an accurate flatness on the top, and pair it with a mid fade.

29) Bald Fade-Centered Death Hawk


For daring nightclub lovers, this unusual Death Hawk variation is everything. To style it at home, aim for a Bald Fade Haircut and let a thin hair strip run along the head. This middle hair strip can be dyed or styled upward with strong-hold hair wax.

30) Undercut Death Hawk

If you know FFDP, the popular Las Vegas heavy metal band, you’ve definitely seen this Death Hawk style before. Unlike the other extreme Death Hawk variations, this style features a wide middle hair strip slightly connected to an Undercut that’s not bald.

31) Disconnected High Fade Combover


To achieve a youthful, gentlemanly look, go for a sleek, right-side-brushed Combover disconnected from a High Fade with a parting line. Style the top hair with a high-shine pomade or gel and give it texture with a sea salt spray.

32) Undercut Slick Back With Long, Full Beard


Recreate that old-school look of gentility and fearlessness with a shiny Slick back incorporated with a long, full beard. If you have kinky, long hair that frizzes often, this hair design featuring a skin-level Undercut will help to keep that at bay.

33) Slick Back Hair With Taper


You can easily style a Slick back the modern way by combining it with a meticulously trimmed Burst Fade. Complete it with clean line-ups and add a stubble goatee, if you will. Remember to style your slick back with a high-shine-rated product.

34) Brooklyn Fade Medium Finger Coils

Get this:

This hairstyle featuring a Temple Fade, paired with Finger Coils, is a common wedding haircut among African grooms. Feel free to rock this Afro-style Fade haircut to a birthday, school party, or date night.

35) Non-Glossy Medium Fade Slick Back


If you’ve always wanted to wear a Slickback, but the glossy look of it has always stood in the way, this is for you. Even better if you have wavy hair. Simply trim a mid fade around the head and comb-style the long top hair backward with a high-hold, matte finish hair wax.

36) Brad Pitt’s Signature Slickback Hairstyle in Fury


If you saw the 2014 American war film (Fury) featuring Brad Pitt as a war daddy, you’ve probably noticed this Slickback variation. It’s a masculine hair design featuring a High Undercut Fade that’s sharply contrasted by glossy backward-styled top hair.

37) Mid Fade Long Finger Coils


This modern African Fade haircut is for gents with kinky, long, and straight or curly hair. To get perfect coils, wash the hair with a shampoo, blow-dry it, and style it with curl cream. Finally, form the coils with a Denman brush.

38) Drop Fade Buzz Cut With Shape-ups


A Buzz Cut is a military haircut that’s usually preferred when regrowing ruined long hair from scratch. You can pair it with a Drop Fade, add curved side part lines, and complete the style with accurate line-ups and shape-ups.

39) High Fade Buzz Cut


Here is another way to rock a Buzz Cut without going overboard or looking rebellious. To achieve this haircut, trim your hair short till it's a buzz cut. Then, add a neat high fade to the sides of your hair.

40) Long Dreadlocks With Hipster Beard


You can pair your chest-reaching Dreadlocks with a medium-length or buzzed short Undercut for a bold, sexy appearance. Grow a long, voluminous beard and trim it into a hipster style for a Viking vibe. This is masculinity at its best.

41) Skin Undercut Short Dreadlocks


You can transform your short Dreadlock into a Hawk-style Undercut. This style is ideal for men in the business world and grooms on a wedding day. You can also style the dreads with high-shine-rated gel or pomade for a glossy look.

42) Bald Fade Short Dreadlocks


Short Dreadlocks extending just a little below the eyebrows can be a great way to wear your weekend hair. Pair it with a Temple Fade for a youthful yet messy look. You may also match the hair design with stubble or a Chin Strap beard for a mature-looking style.

43) Drop Fade 360 Waves With Line-ups


For those who love the sleek ripples of a 360 Waves haircut, this variation will meet your hair grooming needs. It is easy to style and ideal for every hair type and face shape. Also, when choosing a 360 Waves hair cream, consider your hair type and texture.

44) Low Fade 360 Waves


Look clean, youthful, and classy with this glossy, well-formed 360 Waves hairstyle combined with a Low Fade. Trim tight line-ups around the borders and complete them with a Royal beard.

45) Temple Fade 360 Waves

Here’s the thing:

This Temple Fade 360 Waves hairstyle passed for an official haircut though most guys see it as a casual style.

Here’s a tip: To maintain the texture of your hair and waves, endeavor to wear a durag now and then.

46) Temple Fade Quiff


You’re qualified to rock a Quiff haircut if your long hair is up to 3 inches. Like all Fade haircuts, a Quiff has longer hair to the top and the back and sides shaved. However, for a Quiff, the top hair is styled upward and combed slightly backward.

47) Skin Undercut Messy Quiff


Messy hairstyles are super hot, and women find that just-out-of-the-bed look attractive on men. So, instead of combing the entire top hair slightly backward, scruffle it with your fingers, and brush the hair at the forehead upward to obey the law of Quiffs.

48) High Fade Quiff


This textured High Fade Quiff is best for elongating the face and giving the width of it a slim appearance. But whatever you recreate it for, a High Fade Quiff will never fail as a corporate and casual haircut.

49) Temp Fade Short Finger Coils With Line-ups

Get this:

You can wear Temp Fade Short Finger Coils framed in clear-cut line-ups to look cuter and younger than your actual age. This style looks better for college and high school sophomores with kinky hair.


50) High Fade Wavy Hair With Curly Bangs


Do you have well-defined wavy hair that needs a transformation into a date night-worthy style? Go for a High Fade and trim the hair falling over the face into short wavy bangs. You’re welcome.

51) Braids With Taper Fade


Keep the gangster spirit alive and feel like you truly belong to the hood by recreating these Braids with High Fades. Each braid on the extreme edges has to be bigger as it connects to the Fader with clear contrasts. You can add extra style with a tattoo of your choice at the back of the head.

52) Mid Fade Quiff With Side Parting


This is probably one of the coolest Mid Fades for men who like to make a statement. Whether you’re a teacher or a new worker for a Fortune 100 company, a Mid Fade Quiff with side parting is for you. You may also choose to pair it with a gentlemanly-looking beard.

53) 180 Waves Mid Fade


Rock those waves without going overboard with 360. The 180 Waves is a simpler style. It’s easier to achieve even without having to wear a durag all day or applying waves products. You can style it for your wedding or as a best man for a friend’s wedding.

54) Trend Setters Low Fade


If you love getting the credits for new hairstyle awareness in the hood, be the first to rock this one. It’s a great hairstyle for a bachelor party, a red carpet, a night out with the boys. Feel free to go with the tones that match your complexion better.

55) Temple Fade Pompadour


Style and wear your Pompadour in a cleaner and more modern-looking way. Make the hair easy to “pomp” perfectly with a texturizing clay or pomade and brush with a wide-toothed comb.

And that’s it:

You have the complete list of the 55 best fade haircuts for men based on face shape and hair type.

But don’t leave yet:

In the next section below, I have answered the three most asked questions about men’s fade haircuts.


Today, there’s a vast number of Fade haircuts available to every gent. For this reason, it may be hard to choose a style that will be perfect for you.


If you guide your decision by three key factors, you’ll end up with a shortlist. From your shortlist, you can then go forward to choose that perfect Fade hairstyle.

So, what are these three factors?

Simple; first, you need to consider your face shape and what you want to achieve with it. For instance, a Pompadour is an ideal Fade haircut if you are trying to elongate a round fat face.

Get it?

Now, the second factor to consider is your hair type. Suppose you have textured curly hair; a textured Curly Burst Fade would be a nice choice.


You should consider the purpose of your hairstyle, i.e. why you want a haircut. For instance, a Deathhawk with High Fade is not ideal for an interview.


If you have questions about the 55 best Fade haircuts enlisted so far, or want more hair recommendations, use the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fade is a gradual decrease in hair length, transitioning from the top of the head and down. This transition is made with a clipper to the two sides and the back of the head. Generally, a barber will work with different sizes of blades or guards to achieve this.
Well, there are no specifics. It’s up to you and your barber to decide how short you want your Fader to go. But mostly, the length of your Fade is determined by the style you want to pair it with. Some barbers will also consider the shape of your face.
A Taper and a Fade share the same idealism of gradually decreasing the hair length from top to bottom. However, for a Taper, this transition from long hair to shorter hair doesn’t fade into the skin, unlike a Fade.

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