Ultimate Hair Guides: 20 Stylish Types of Haircuts for Men in 2024

If someone walked up to you and asked:

“What are the best types of haircuts for men today?”

Which ones would you list?

In truth, a large percentage of men can’t list more than three hairstyles; unless, of course, you are a barber.

Unlike life before the 20th century, there are numerous types of haircuts nowadays.

Each with its own unique styling and distinctive signature.

Whether you are looking for a neat, organized look or a shaggy, punk appearance, your hair is always the best place to start.


Most men can agree that…

There was that one time they walked out of a barbershop disappointed because they didn’t get the exact haircut they were looking for.

Yes! It’s always quite a bummer.

And, in most cases, it was because the client failed to clearly explain their desired cut to the barber. Descriptions can be unnecessarily confusing and time-consuming, wouldn’t you agree?

But wait:

Why go through all that trouble when you can just name the haircut you want?

It becomes easy for your barber to know what you are looking for if you name your desired haircut instead of trying to describe it.

And if you don’t know what your favorite hairstyle is called, don’t fret – that’s why you are here!

In this post, we’ll cover the top 20 most popular and stylish haircuts for men and boys.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your reading.

But first:

Let’s learn a few common terms in hairdressing…

  • Thinning – It is the process of trimming out some weight from your hair to make it easy to manage. Thinning scissors are used. This procedure is ideal for anyone with thick, bushy hair.
  • Neckline – The neckline is, basically, the line at the back of your neck after a haircut. It can be flat or V-shaped depending on your preferences. It is important to ask your barber how high he/she intends on cutting it before they do it.
  • Texture – This is the look and feel of your hair depending on how it is cut, thickness, and the amount of curl.
  • Layered Texture – It involves cutting different lengths of the same hair to achieve a layer. For example, cutting some parts of your hair shorter to place other longer parts on them.
  • Undercut Fade – This popular hairstyle involves leaving long hair at the top on one’s head while cutting the sides and back of their head down to extremely short lengths.
  • Taper or Fade? – The main difference between the two is that fades tend to have hair reducing in size as you move from the top to bottom of the head until it finally fades into the skin. Tapers, on the other hand, apply the same concept as fades but the length of the hair is often slightly longer; no fading into the skin and easy to draw a hairline.
  • Grades – Haircut lengths are grouped into grades ranging from zero to eight; with zero being a bald shave. The length of the hair increases as you move from grade-zero to grade-eight.

PRO TIP: What clipper size guard to use for different hairstyles? Check more in our ultimate guide about hair clipper guard sizes.

With that in mind, let’s now look at different types of haircuts with names…

Top 20 Best Hairstyles for Men

1. The Buzz Cut


Named after the buzzing sound made by clippers, the buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for gents today.

Buzz Cuts are, characteristically, very short and quite easy to cut.

The biggest benefit of getting a buzz cut is that you won’t have to worry about maintenance and constant styling; just an occasional trim when your hair starts to grow out.

Buzz cuts are common among military men and ideal for those who don’t have the time or motivation to maintain and style their hair daily.

What’s more?

If you love trimming your own hair, then a buzz cut will make your work easy and stress-free.

2. The Crew Cut


Crew cuts are not so different from buzz cuts.

The big difference is that, unlike a buzz cut’s even hair size, crew cuts often have longer hair on top and tapered sides and the back.

In most cases, the top is often cut upright using scissors. Then the sides and back will be tapered to leave hair that gradually shortens in length as you move downwards.

Simple, right?

Well, just like the buzz cut, this cut is low maintenance and quite easy to achieve.

And that best part:

It looks great on a large percentage of men – especially those with beards.

3. The Undercut


The Undercut is undoubtedly one of the most daring and dramatic types of haircuts for gents.

Basically, it is a very high fade.

An undercut is achieved by keeping the top hair long to create a sharp contrast to the underlying high fade that gradually evolves into a skin fade – sometimes.

You can also opt for a tapered undercut whereby the top hair is quite long followed by a tapered undercut (sometimes referred to as a disconnected undercut).

The long top hair can be styled upright, backward, or even sideways.


Undercuts with long top hair work hand in hand with man buns easily. Which is why it is a classic and very relevant hairstyle to date.

4. Pompadour Haircut


The Pompadour (pomp) cut is the definition of classic, traditional, old-age hairstyles. It dates back to the 1700s and is often common in 20th-century movies.

The pomp is ideal for those with medium length hair and is achieved by slicking the hair backward using wax/pomade and a hairdryer.

Modern versions of the pompadour usually feature taper-faded sides. 

At first, the pomp was a hairstyle common with women. However, men took up this unique style when huge celebrities like Elvis Presley made it a key look for men during the 1950s.

5. Side Part Haircut


The Side Part appears exactly the same way it is pronounced and works for any occasion.

Basically, a side part is achieved by parting one’s hair off to one side forming two distinct parts and a sharp ridge between them; the bulk of the hair will cover the top and one side.

Side parts often come out as sleek, neat, and polished. Just the kind of look you need to complete a professional appearance.

You can play around with the style to come up with a quiff or pomp; both offer a more classic appearance.

Also, you can opt for faded or tapered sides depending on your preferences.


Unlike the buzz and crew cuts, the side part may need frequent maintenance and care.

6. Faux Hawk / Spiky Haircut


Have you ever seen someone with spiky hair and wondered; what is that hairstyle called?

Well, it could be a Faux Hawk.

Some often confuse this haircut to a Mohawk due to its slight resemblance. But, these two cuts are quite different.

A faux hawk features a sharp fade on the sides, back and long, spiky hair at the top.

With that in mind, it is clear that cutting a faux hawk is easy.

All you need is to fade the sides and back then use matte products to create fewer, thicker pikes styled upwards.

And the best part:

You can morph your faux hawk cut into a quiff with height concentrations along your forehead whenever you want to.

7. Quiff Haircut


The Quiff is one of the best, classic hairstyles for men today and looks great on most gents.

It has a few similarities to the pomp and is often easy to create from undercuts and faux hawks.


To achieve a quiff, the same process used to create pomp applies; with only one difference…

Which is?

Well, you have to first pull all the hair forward – especially the longer strands on the forehead. Then, you work up a few spikes and style them into a backward wave.

8. Taper Fade Haircut


If you’ve been looking for amazing types of haircuts for black men, then the Taper Fade might be exactly what you want.

It’s quite popular among black gents because it works great with short hair.


It’s quite easy to achieve, maintain, and offers a very smart and distinctive look.

So, how is the taper fade done?

You can do this haircut by leaving lengthy hair on the top of the head and gradually shortening it as you move down the sides and back.

With taper fades, you have the option of either a visible taper cut or a skin fade on the sides and back.

9. French Crop Haircut


Despite having a complicated appearance, the French crop is actually quite easy to cut.

It is popular among young adults and features a short but clearly defined fringe into the front hair.

How are French Crops done?

These minimalist male hairstyles are achieved by cutting short the back and sides of one’s head and then styling the long top hair forward to create a small (sometimes spiky) fringe along the forehead hairline.


The French crop and the Caesar cut are two different hairstyles; don’t confuse the two.

Also, you can either fade or have a taper on the sides and back.

10. Ivy League Haircut


When you hear “Ivy League,” what’s the first thing that comes in mind?

Harvard? Princeton? Yale? Cornel? NYU?

Well, that’s because these are some of the best, most elite universities in the U.S.

And the Ivy League haircut is quite common among scholars in these schools; hence, it is also called the Harvard or Princeton haircut.


The Ivy League cut is just a different variation of the crew cut. The main difference here is that the hair is much longer than what you’ll have in the latter.

So, how do you do an Ivy League cut?

Well, the procedure is just the same as a crew cut. However, the hair is often left longer. Just enough to create short pomp, quiff, or be combed over to one side (side part).

This hairstyle is often quite easy to implement and maintain.

11. Caesar Haircut


Named after Julius Caesar – a well-known dictator in the Roman Empire during the BC era – the Caesar cut is a short, stylish haircut and the oldest one on this list.

The main reason why this haircut is still so popular is because of its ability to make thin hair strands appear thicker.


How is the Caesar hairstyle done?

Well, the top hair is combed forward and trimmed into straight horizontal bangs at the front and a good taper on the back and sides.

A faded side and back also work making it one of the best types of haircuts for boys.

12. Fringe Haircut


The Fringe is a seasonal haircut that’s always in and out of fashion.

It is a scissor-cut hairstyle with hair (sometimes spiky) being combed in one forward-facing direction e.g. forward left, forward right, or forward-center.

Despite looking a bit confused, a fringe can greatly transform your appearance.

It’s unique and quite easy to pull off.

The front bangs usually give it a more retrogressive look and feel.

13. Mohawk Haircut


The Mohawk has been one of the most iconic men’s haircuts for decades.


Aside from being punk-inspired, this stylish hairstyle looks great on almost everyone; including women.

Mohawks are quite distinct and easy to spot due to their signature look.

And if you are asking; how is a Mohawk achieved?

Well, it is done by creating a straight strip of long hair from the front-top to back of the head by shortening the hair on the sides and along the strip.

Thereafter, upward spikes in the strip are created to achieve the ultimate Mohawk look and feel.

Some people often opt to wear their Mohawk with clean bald sides while others leave a buzz-cut size of hair to add some finesse to their look.

14. High Fade Haircut


The high fade – one of the trendiest types of haircuts for black gents – has been my all-time favorite.

It is not only stylish and popular but also easy for anyone to pull off.


Aside from the high fade, we also have the taper, mid and low fades. So, what distinguishes the high fade cut from the rest?

Well, for one, its appearance. The high fade has a daring and contrasted look than other fades.

How is it done?

It is achieved by making a very short haircut on the back and sides of the head. While at the same time leaving a large chunk of hair on top.

The indifference in size and volume is what creates the sharp, edgy contrast.

15. Mid Fade Haircut


If you are looking for something calmer and less distinct than the high fade, the mid fade could be your answer.

A mid fade haircut offers you a more subtle appearance than the high fade while still maintaining a bolder look than the low taper fade.


How is it done?

In a nutshell, a mid fade will feature gently faded sides with hair gradually reducing in size as you move from the temple to the ear.

This hairstyle is perfect for all men and is considered one of the best, most stylish short haircuts for men.

16. Low Fade Haircut


Simple, quick cut, and elegant – three words that best describe the low fade.

It’s like the opposite of the high fade; in that, it lacks the sharp contrasts, clear edges, and above ear fades you get in a high fade.

So, how do you do a low fade haircut?

The side and back hairs are often tapered down; gradually forming a fade just below the ear – thus called a “low fade.”

This haircut is not only versatile, neat, and tidy but also very easy to maintain and wear.

17. Man Bun Haircut


The Man Bun has featured in numerous movies and TV series in recent years.


Well, for one, it could be because it is an easy thing to achieve. You don’t need a barber or a hairdresser to rock a man bun.

All you need to do is to tie all your hair into a bun at the backside of your head.

Secondly, it is a signature hipster hairstyle that keeps growing in popularity with every passing day.

Man buns often make it easy for anyone to manage their long or medium length hair without breaking a sweat.

18. Slick Back Haircut


The Slick Back is exactly what you need if you want to look professional and neat with long hair.


Despite being a traditional hairstyle for men, the slick back remains trendy to date due to its applicability and ease in creation and maintenance.

To do a slick back hairstyle, here’s what you need to do:

Apply pomade or gel to the top hair and use a comb to pull the hair back. The result will be a neat, fancy, and professional hairstyle ideal for any event or occasion.

19. Skin Fade Haircut


The Skin Fade or Bald Fade or Zero Fade is another trendy taper fade cut for men.

In simple terms, this fade is characterized by a smooth but rapidly declining fade that ends up fading completely into the skin.

In fact, it features in numerous other haircuts including the high, mid, and low fades.

It’s usually the shortest fade you can get and looks amazing when there is longer hair at the top or well-trimmed facial hair.

20. Comb-Over Haircut


In any conversation about classic haircuts for men, it is quite common to hear the Comb-Over cut being mentioned.

It’s quite similar to a side part in that the hair is often parted to one side and combed towards the opposite end; hence, creating two distinct parts of the hair.


The best part is that you can pair this haircut with an undercut to create an even more charming look as per the wearer’s preferences.

There you have it…

A list of 20 haircut names with pictures for male haircut lovers.

However, before you rush to your nearest barbershop to get a haircut, there are a few other things you should know; as explained below.

Three Quick Haircutting Tips for You

So, what can you do to improve your haircutting experience?

Well, in as much as the barber does all the work, there are a few things you can do to ensure you enjoy and are satisfied with the haircut you get.

Here are three useful tips for you:

1. Look for a Professional Barber

Working with an experienced barber is always your first step towards getting the haircut you are looking for.

Therefore, ask around, check out their barbershop, and observe how the barber goes about their business.

The goal is to get enough firsthand information about the barber’s expertise before you trust them with your haircutting.

2. Try to Be As Specific As Possible

When dealing with a barber who hasn’t cut your hair before, it is always wise to be specific.

The fewer words you use, the lower the chances of confusing your barber.

Advisably, use haircut names to communicate, but if your preferred hairstyle doesn’t have a name, explain it in the shortest way possible.

3. Stick to One Hairstyle

It’s natural to want to try different haircuts.

However, you should note that not all hairstyles will bring out your handsomeness. What I mean is that not all of us can rock the same haircut.

Your ideal hairstyle will depend on your face, type of hair, and the shape of your head. Therefore, you have to be realistic with what you ask your barber to do.

If you discover a hairstyle that makes you look awesome, stick to it and let your barber perfect it.

How to Ask For a Haircut

When you walk into a barbershop, deciding on a haircut can be a bit hard.

However, with a specific style in mind, the right terminologies, and a professional barber, everything becomes easy.

Always lead with the name of the haircut (e.g. buzz cut). If the barber is not familiar with the hairstyle, you can try describing it to them.

For example:

“I’d like you (the barber) to use a grade 2 guide comb on the top and then fade the hair on my sides and back downwards”

You see – simple, precise, and realistic.

How to Choose the Right Barber or Men’s Hairdressers

Before anything, you have to find the best barber available.

How can you do that?

Well, if you are new to the place, you can:

  • Ask for referrals.
  • Read ratings and reviews online on sites like yelp to learn about their reputation.
  • Visit the barbershop to observe how the barber works.
  • Does he/she use high-quality clippers and tools?
  • Consider their pricing to ensure it falls in line with your budget.

Once you are happy and satisfied with everything you find out, you can then visit the barbershop for a good trim.


That’s a wrap of this lengthy topic.

Now, you have everything you need to get a high-quality and satisfactory haircut at any time.


Your overall experience will depend on your specificity, the barber, and the tools they use.

Therefore, you need to make sure you know and use the right names and terms and that your barber fully understands them.

Do you have any questions?

If so, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I’ll be more than happy to offer my expertise and assistance.

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