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Without any form of professional direction, searching for specific hair clippers for men can be tedious. The market is saturated with many hair clippers that cater to different hair-cutting needs—some from growing brands and others from leading brands like Wahl, Andis, and Oster.

Fortunately, you will find below a carefully compiled selection of the best hair clippers money can buy. They are even sub-categorized into cordless and professional hair clippers and their brands to make your search easier. Also, the clippers have been tested for features that influence their functionality, including blade performance, motor power, and many more.

95.3 %
Caliber .50 Cal Limited Edition

Caliber is among the world's newest hair clipper brands, but its outstanding product portfolio has already created a…

93 %
Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Self Haircut Kit

Achieve the perfect style with the Mangroomer Self-Haircut Kit, which includes 9 different length combs , encompassing…

92 %
Oster Model 10

Whether a seasoned user or just getting started, the Oster Model 10 is the instrument for you. It contains a high…

83.7 %
Remington HC5850

This Remington Clipper is built to last, with a sturdy polycarbonate case .  For 4x quicker cutting efficiency , the…

85 %
Philips Norelco Series 5100

The Norelco Series 5100 hair clipper has 17 integrated trim settings for beards, short hair, and long hair. Its head is…

93.3 %
Andis Master Cordless

Recognized as a top-notch clipper among its peers, the Andis Master Cordless has many features that birthed its…

82.2 %
Panasonic ER1611

This clipper is a high-end product recommended for professionals. Its impressive and futuristic characteristics offer…

81.1 %
Remington HKVAC2000A

The Remington HKVAC2000 hair clippers make your experience more enjoyable. You may collect your strands within the…

88.6 %
Andis Select Cut

The Andis Select Cut is fitted with sharp adjustable ceramic blades that cake on any hair type for snag-free haircuts .…

87.2 %
Wahl Clipper Model 79467

Projected to be 25% smaller than standard Wahl clippers , the Wahl Model 79467 is very compact and easy to manipulate .…

84.7 %
Andis Fade Gold

This wired clipper is an asset to professional barbers who do a lot of fading and tapering. Riding on the high-speed…

84.7 %
Wahl Super Taper 2

This clipper can easily cut all hair types without snagging or pulling and is fitted with very sharp blades . Although…

87.8 %
Wahl 5-Star Senior Cordless

The powerful rotary motor within this clipper generates enough power, which translates to increased blade speed . The 5…

94.7 %
Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition

At first glance, the Wahl Magic Clip Metal Edition looks identical to the Wahl 100 Year Anniversary clipper . However,…

72.5 %
Andis Fade Master

The Andis Master Series features clippers with tell-tale aluminum housing . The Andis Fade Master is not exempt from…

85.8 %
Andis ProAlloy

The Andis ProAlloy’s principal feature is undoubtedly its XTR technology . Hence, it runs not just cooler than many…

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