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Without any form of professional direction, searching for specific hair clippers for men can be tedious. The market is saturated with many hair clippers that cater to different hair-cutting needs—some from growing brands and others from leading brands like Wahl, Andis, and Oster.

Fortunately, you will find below a carefully compiled selection of the best hair clippers money can buy. They are even sub-categorized into cordless and professional hair clippers and their brands to make your search easier. Also, the clippers have been tested for features that influence their functionality, including blade performance, motor power, and many more.

87.8 %
Andis 68120 Headstyler

The Andis 68120 Headstyler is a combo of a bulky clipper (the Headstyler) and a portable trimmer (the Headliner) . The…

89.4 %
Andis Speed Master 2

The Andis Speed Master 2 clipper features a professional pivot motor that makes it great for all types of styling and…

90.1 %
Andis Cordless Fade Combo

The Andis Cordless Fade Combo is a clipping and trimming set that features powerful batteries and sharp blades. The…

85.6 %
Wahl Icon Clipper

The Wahl Icon Clipper’s V9000 electromagnetic motor offers 50% more cutting power with less heat . Hence, it runs…

86.7 %
Andis 73000 Envy Cordless

This wireless clipper is about 25% lighter than the Andis Envy at 9.9 ounces . Coupled with its ergonomic design , it…

87.5 %
Surker Hair Clipper

The clipper is fitted with high carbon steel blades that are self-sharpening and can cut all hair types . Very easy to…

88.6 %
Limural K11s Hair Clipper

The Limural K11s is equipped with high-carbon steel blades that can cut through thick hair easily. They are safe enough…

90.6 %
BESTBOMG Hair Clipper

The BESTBOMG Hair Clipper is a low-end clipper equipped with essential features needed by professional barbers . A…

76.7 %
Andis 90th Anniversary

The Andis 90th Anniversary is a lightweight clipper with a high-speed magnetic motor that cuts at an impressive 14000…

80 %
Wahl 100 Year Anniversary

The Wahl 100 Year Anniversary is modeled after the regular cordless Wahl 5-Star Senior, albeit with modifications. The…

83.9 %
Oster Classic 76

The most obvious modification to the Oster Classic 76, which birthed this baby, was made to its housing and blade color…

93.1 %
BaBylissPRO BlackFX

One of the hardest limited-edition clippers to come by , the BaByliss BlackFX is one of the clippers in BaBylissPRO’s…

87.5 %
Oster Fast Feed Rastaology

A whisper-quiet pivot motor powers the Oster Fast Feed Rastaology. The clipper is fitted with adjustable cryogen-x…

93.6 %
Wahl Magic Clip Cordless Gold

Besides being black and gold and slightly lighter in weight , the Wahl Magic Clip Limited-edition clipper is identical…

83.3 %
Andis Supra Li 5

One of the most prominent features of this clipper is its lustrous appearance . The credit for that goes to the brushed…

81 %
Panasonic ER-GP80

This clipper is powered by an intelligent linear motor and is fitted with blades crafted with Japanese blade…

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